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    1333 or 1600 worth extra 360 $?

    Dvico Level 1

      Dear Gentlemen!I was so inattentive that I bought this type memory for my X79 platform (i7 3930K):

      G.Skill 32GB 2133MHz (that time this was on stock, and the seller said there will not be any problem)

      Now I read about the memory problem with I7 3930K. and Im trying to change with the following models :

      G.Skill 1,5V 1333MHz 64GB  ( http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=432 )

      or a same just 1600MHz http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=432.

      My question is what do you think there will be any difference from the speed diff. when I using After effects and Premiere Pro CS5.5 ??

      The price diff not negligible.

      I know would be better low voltage but in my country there is now other type on the market, and maybe the retailer deduct my old 32GB kit which almost brand new.

      Thanks for your help.

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          There is very little difference in performance between 1333 and 1600 ram with video work.



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            The performance difference between 1333 and 1600 memory is small, less than 10% in total performance. Whether that is worth the price difference is up to you to decide. In my experience retailers are very reluctant to exchange unless it is under warranty to exchange it and they can claim it at the manufacturer. It does not matter whether the memory is 1 day old or 12 months, once installed it is used any can not be sold as new anymore. The number of people coming in to a store asking for used memory are very few, so they will have a difficult time to get rid of it again and especially with memory. Would you go in to a store asking for memory that has been returned or used?

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              Dvico Level 1

              Maybe, depends on warranty and price discount what the shop offer me if I buy a used product But this is really very rare, in my country also

              In the meantime I asked the retailer and they offered me they counted my 32GB kit only 20$ less than the orig.price.(The orig price was 260$) And I found this 4*8GB kit from G.Skill http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=431 with 1.5V and 1600 speed., and better to buy two from this kit.

              Although thre decription not includes this is qud channel or not?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                In multiples of four, they are quad channel.

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                  Dvico Level 1

                  Ok.Thanks Mr.Harm.In this way I can exchange my kit without any cost (from 1.6V to 1,5V) .I read other topic about a conversation with intel helpdesk, and they recommend to a customer to use max 1,5V memory with i7 3xxx CPUs.What do you think I can have any problem to use 1,5V memory if I overclock 4,3Ghz ? Or the best way to use 1,35V only? ( Although impossible to get any)

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    AFAIK there are currently no 8 GB sticks with 1.35V, at least I haven't found any.  All the low voltage sticks are 4 GB.


                    What makes the G.Skill Ripjaws Z a likely and good choice, is that they have qualified this memory on a range of motherboards, among them many Asus models, so chances are that your mobo is among the list. Take care to read footnote 3 on the page you linked to.


                    If you decide to try this, please let me know your experiences, because I'm in the same boat. I want 64 GB on the Asus P9X79 WS and am still figuring out what the best approach will be, either these Ripjaws, or waiting for Samsung to come out with LV 8 GB sticks. You can read about my doubts here: PPBM6 Planning a new system

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                      Dvico Level 1

                      Yes, Im checking every day how you building a monster.

                      This footnote just about "not to buy 2pc 32GB kit instead of one 64GB!" kit?

                      Cause the 64 kit more expensive (with same speed+channel). I clear with the store before order maybe they have experience with this.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        If you buy a 64 GB kit, you can be pretty sure that all 8 sticks come from the same production batch and are matched. If you buy two 32 GB kits, they may come from different factories, from different batches, from different production dates and may not be matched. This may not be a real problem, since the two memory banks on the mobo are electrically separate, but if you have the option, a 64 GB kit would have my preference.

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                          Dvico Level 1

                          Aaarrrgh..If I choose a 64GB kit I have to pay 580$ more, (includes my old kit) but the other way, 2*32GB kit means 217$ only.Not a negligible difference.Lets see what the store says...

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            Looked around here and there is only one 64 GB kit available in DDR3-1600, the RipJaws Z for € 414 excluding VAT. But not in stock and delivery time is indicated as more than 10 days. Other stores have prices that are way worse, up to € 659 but some have delivery in 1-3 days.

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                              Dvico Level 1

                              This 414Euro more friendly like my shop.here the best price is 616 Euro + VAT. I think this is the same 1600 kit.

                              I checked the newegg price which similar like yours.I called the guy in the store and he said better to buy a 64GB kit instead of double 32GB, but still he will check the availability and delivery time of both kits.

                              Maybe I stayed with 1333 64GB kit? Around same cost like the 2*32GB Ripjaws Z.

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                Looked it up again and the 64 GB kit in DDR3-1333 is € 328, so comparing it to the 1600 kit for € 414, my preference would be the faster kit, expecting to use it for a period of 2-3 years and then the price difference is bearable. YMMV.

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                                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                  FYI I already had one paid support person who bought some 8GB sticks on the QVL list and they did not work. This was the 1155 platform and not the 2011 platform. The QVL's can fall out of date very quickly because of IC changes due to market pricing and there is no guarantee they have been re-validated at any point.




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                                    Dvico Level 1

                                    This case means that we should beware of buying 8GB sticks? That's the fortunate situation when the stick dont work immediatley.Not after a few months just fly away.

                                    I asked the store about the Ripjaws Z order status, and they can order the expensive 64GB DDR3-1600 kit only.Base on Harms advice I dont want to buy a slower 1333.

                                    But if I order this 64GB kit,I have do delete my GTX470 update plan to GTX670/680. ( My wife would leave me if I purchase both)

                                    So if you were in my shoes what would you choose?

                                    To expand from 32GB (1.6V DDR3-2133) to 64GB (1,5V- 1600) or change from GTX470 to GTX6xx ? In my opinion is more important to replace a right voltage RAM, and better to wait for a next kepler release.

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                                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                      I was stating beware using the QVL as it should work for sure regardless. Keep in mind part of the not working with the X79 platform includes data corruption and instability. That was one of the reasons we had a very time intensive process behind isolating the issue and the resolution. Often times some would even pass memtest on multiple runs but would throw an error when trying to install windows or the system would crash randomly.


                                      I would look at 32GB of ram and the video card upgrade versus 64 GB of ram and without the video card upgrade. I would however not recommend those 1.6V sticks. Harm is correct regarding getting the ram in 1 batch. When you mix batches is often when you run into ram compatibility issues. However when would you even need to upgrade to 64 GB of ram?




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                                        Scott Chichelli

                                        Something that needs mentioning about those QVL lists


                                        NO ONE and i mean no one ever tests with all slots populated. this would include the ram manufacturers who have those boards for validation, as well as the board manufacturers

                                        in a nut shell the QVL is at best a best guess list.




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                                          Dvico Level 1

                                          I checked the market and only a small range of memory kits offer 32GB 1,5V and quad channel for X79 platform.And Ripjaws the only which available.So for me is unnecessery to check the qvl list to find other manufacturers and look at the tests and reviewes.

                                          Eric! I dont know I would need 64Gb or not in the future.I just thought that if I replace my memory kit cause the voltage problem why not double te size? If I already have 8 slot , and I can return my "old" kit almost on full price.I was satisfied with 32gb there wasnt any serious system crash or application crash.A few times only.

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                                            Dvico Level 1

                                            Mr Harm! Would you copy the link here, where did you find a 64Gb DDR3-1600 kit with 414 Euro? I'd like to check, maybe they can ship to my country. I decided that I'm going to wait with the replacement my GTX470. The 680 would be great, but till now nobody said that ( here or other forums) this is more faster like GTX470. The benchmark result here shows only a small difference.And PCIe 3.0 still not working with I73930K. As I know. So thats why I'd like to replace my RAM first. And where lot of people tested GTX680 with AE and PP CS5.5 and 6.0, and when PCIe 3.0 working, I will replace my good performance GTX470.:-) PPBM5 includes 5 system only which use GTX680 now.Not too much.

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                                              Dvico Level 1


                                              If you still interested in with G.Skill 64Gb 1600 kit, I can run some test.Just tell me what is the best test method.I dont have experience with this.

                                              So today I received my new 64 (8*8Gb) kit.I sold my 32GB kit, so I just spend extra 100 euro for the upgrade.

                                              My first experience: just now I run a rendering in After effects CS5.5 ,its a 1:30 sec composition 1080p 25fps avi losless footage, with many graphic layers, and still images.

                                              The prliminary rendering time around 3 hours.I think is not normal with 3930K.I checked the cpu use : under 50%, the memory use: 49GB!

                                              What do you think is it normal?

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                                                It's more an offtopic question, but what the hell


                                                Do you actually use so much RAM ?


                                                I tried to oberserve the Task Manager while rendering an HD movie and the full amount of RAM usage was peaked around 4GB, no more than that. So, what's for so much capacity ? Is there any settings in Adobe Premiere that I should enable in order to use the whole portion of my RAM capacity ?


                                                PS: I use 64bit Win 7

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                                                  Scott Chichelli Level 3

                                                  I can see all 32gig or even 64 gig used at times during renders..


                                                  AVCHD to H264 with 4 layers and 4 effects per..






                                                  Scott Chichelli


                                                  ADK Media Group LLC


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                                                    Dvico Level 1

                                                    I set in After effects to reserve 12Gb for other apps from 64Gb.Maybe that's why Task manager shows 49Gb?

                                                    And the other strange thing: Task manager show total memory : 61413Mb. Where is the rest?:-) (Win 7 system information also show 60Gb) Maybe on of the sticks are disabled?

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                                                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                                      Either one of the sticks of ram is not detecting correctly/timing issues, Bios setup incorrectly, or 1 stick is 4GB and the other 7 are 8GB.