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    Wierd Color Artifacts in ACR 7.1 Beta

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      This morning I was with a client for a product shoot, and have a weird color banding/artifact issue with ACR 7.1 Beta, it only shows in ACR at odd magnification levels. Look like it might be an issue with ACR and the video driver.  The image opens just fine in Photoshop CS6. At first I really thought I had a weird case of CA, but that turned out to not be the case. Seems to be in the same family of display bug as the jaggies in the Liquify window


      Some details:


      Camera: Nikon D800

      Lens: Nikon 105mm Macro

      System Software: Windows 7 Service Pack 1

      ACR 7.1 Beta

      Video: Intel HD4000 with lated patch applied.


      Images showing this problem attached. I have blacked out the branding to cover the clients name



      First image is at 13.1% magnification in ACR window, you can see the issue between the bottles



      Second Image is at 25% magnification in ACR window and displays correctly.


      Would be good to get this fixed as it was very confusing and I did at first play with the CA to try and correct the problem. Also confusing was it also looked like black clipping which clearly it was not




      Working through the images from this shoot, the problem is images that have transitions from white or near white to black or near black, and it seems like it is a problem with how black clipping is displayed at odd magnifications like 14.1% (fit in view) in the ACR window.