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    Debugging Slow Video Performance


      I get horrible video performance with Adobe flash player when watching ESPN on my PC.   The ESPN player on XBox works great on same network.   Also, netflix on my PC works fine.  Is there anything I can do to debug video performance in Adobe flash on my PC?   For example, are there any debug flags I can enable to determine why video quality keeps dropping?   Are there any logs I can examine?   I'm familiar with attaching debugger to process, is there anything I can see in the debugger?


      Things I tried:


      Use IE and Google Chrome => Same issues

      Install latest Adobe Flash, same issues


      The typical experience I get is video always starts with poorest resolution then after a few minutes it tries to jump to higher resolution.  Works for a few seconds then drops back to poor resolution.   My PC is a Lenovo W520 with 8 GB RAM w/Nvidia Quatro 1000M video card.


      Note with same PC video used to work fine (I could stream for hours in HD from ESPN with no drops) but lately it is really poor, trying to debug why.


      Also, are there any knobs I can configure on Adobe Flash to improve this?