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    Flash Video woes.



      I have recently determined that I am unable to play video on Flash.  This occurs across many websites.  My computer




      Power Mac G5 Tower (8 core, lot'o'RAM)

      Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.8)


      I have downloaded and intstalled the latest version of Flash.  Unintstalled, reinstalled it, tried installing a legacy version.  Rebooted, reinstalled my browsers etc,.   Across all three of my browsers- Chrome, Safari, Firefox) I can see flash interactive content (and the the "flash is installed" graphic on the adobe Flash page), but once I try to play a video, I get a "spinning blue circle of anticpation" thingie- and no video ever comes up.


      I have done as suggested and turned off hardware acceleration, turned on "allow 3rd party..." etc,. and done a scad of other things in the "Global Settings", all to no avail.


      Here is an example of a website with a flash video that I cannot play.  It is the Second video on this page (the first, a YouTube video plays just fine.)