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    Some non-32-bit effects working like 32bit in CS6.

    Richard Crook Level 1

      I'm noticing that some effects in Premiere cs6 that ARE NOT labeled as 32-bit effects are acting like 32-bit effects.


      For example: You put 10-bit footage into a sequence that has "max bit depth" enabled for previews.  You add fast color corrector, which supports "32 bit float," and change the levels to make extreme contrast.  It creates nice, smooth gradients.  Then go to sequence settings and uncheck "max bit depth" and you'll see the once smooth gradients turn to a banded mess because now you are viewing everything as 8bit.  The same happens on export, depending on if the "max bit depth" is enabled or not in the export settings.


      As I understand it, the way it SHOULD work is this:  With "max bit depth" enabled (showing again the full 10-bit loveliness), you place a non-32bit effect on the clip, and the video SHOULD show it all go back to 8bit ugliness.  The Adobe manual says that anything other than 32-bit effects overrides all other effects and displays/renders the clip as 8-bit. 


      The stange thing is...some non-32-bit effects seem to maintain the smooth gradients and NOT revert to 8bit.  Sharpen and shadow/highlight are just a couple of a bunch that seem to work like 32bit effects.  Some of them, like Crop, don't show 8bit unless you select (highlight) the effect in the effect control panel...when it is unselected it shows 10 bit. 


      I have been using only 32-bit effects in fear that if I use anything else (like the sharpen effect and others) I would be turning my 10bit footage into 8bit.  But it appears this isn't the case?  Any thoughts here?