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    Custom URL Scheme not working? (as supposed)

    Johannes Eckert Level 4



      I went into investigate about the "optional URL scheme" setting you can set up during building an app in the viewer builder.

      Quote from the Viewer Builder help:


      Optional URL Scheme
      Specify the custom URL scheme that launches the viewer app from Safari and other apps. […]

      For example, suppose you specify “com.sportspub.kayaking” as the URL scheme. If you embed a “com.sportspub.kayaking://” link on your webpage, clicking the link from the mobile browser opens the viewer app. […]


      The possibility sounds good, to link to the app from any web page you view on the iPad.

      But during testing this, I found out it's not that easy and/or not working as documented.


      Bob set the URL scheme for his app supposedly to




      a link with


      <a href="com.dpstips.may5://">


      will not open Bob's app on the iPad ("invalid URL").


      I looked into the compiled app from the viewer builder and found out the actual URL scheme used is completly different, it is




      and the correct link would be


      <a href="dps.7f80a0ffed3a4ff08734bc905aac4a29://">


      that will open Bob's app (you can try it here if you are on an iPad).


      And if you know your interal folio and article names, you can even deep link into one article from a specific folio:


      <a href="dps.7f80a0ffed3a4ff08734bc905aac4a29://v1/folio/DPS%20Folios/01_Folio_TOC">


      you see these links in the landing page of the web viewer on the iPad.


      I collected all links and tests in this jsFiddle, that you can open on your iPad to test yourself: http://jsfiddle.net/YRUGj/15/


      Unfortunately, you cannot find out your real URL scheme without extracting your .ipa file and investigate the content's of the viewer, it is listed in the info.plist file.


      Is this supposed to work this way or is this currently a bug that might be fixed soon?