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    Import questions


      Hello, I have two questions about importing photos in Lightroom that I'm hoping someone can help me with.


      1.  How can I get Lightroom to recognize photos deleted from my Library as duplicates?


      • Let's say I import a bunch of photos from my SD card. 
      • Then I delete a few from the library after the import.
      • I choose not to format or delete photos from the SD card - I just keep shooting.
      • The next time I import a new batch of photos from that card, Lightroom seems to do a good job of detecting the duplicates in my Library --- BUT --- it tries to re-import the files that I deleted from my Library earlier. 
      • This is becoming a pain, because I have to go through and un-check all those photos I deleted if I forget to format my card (I don't actually want to format my card until I've made a backup....)
      • Which leads me to my second question....


      2.  Is there a way to select multiple photos to exclude (un-check) from import other than just clicking the check box on every photo?


      • If I am importing photos, and Lightroom is trying to add photos that I've already imported, then deleted (see above), I want to be able to either shift-click, or just select multiple photos with the cursor to mark them so Lightroom won't import them.


      Thanks for your help, it would save me a lot of time if this could be done.

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          EricBier Level 3

          Instead of deleting your photos immediately, mark them as Reject (press the X key).  After you have imported all of the photos that you are going to import before formatting the SD card, go back to Lightroom and delete the rejected photos.  Control-Backspace is the shortcut to delet rejected photos.


          You might consider using additional SD cards and not try to have more than one import before formatting.


          To select multiple photos before import:  Control click on photos or click hold shift and click on consecutive photos.  After the photos are selected, click the check box and they will all be selected.

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            johnnybregar Level 1

            Thank you so much Eric!!!