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    Help with Blood Alcohol calculator


      I'm working on a Blood Alcohol Calculator for a class project. The user will be able to input their weight and gender. They will be able to select how many drinks they have at different points in a day. At the end of the game, they will get a list of their BAC at each point in the game as well as their overall BAC. I'm running into trouble with the formula, since the user is inputting variables, and at different parts in the game. Any help would be appreciated.


      Here's my frame 1 code.



      import fl.controls.Label;

      import fl.controls.TextInput;

      import flash.events.MouseEvent;


      var total

      total =(drinks * 0.06 * 100 * 1.055 / num * genderconstant) - (0.015 * hours)

      var drinks=Number;

      var hours=Number;




      //inputs weight

      var WeightTI:TextInput = new TextInput();

      var tf:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

      var str:String = WeightTI.text;

      var num:Number = Number(str);



      // get key presses only when the textfield is being edited


      function handler(event:KeyboardEvent){


         // if the key is ENTER

         if(event.charCode == 13){


             // your code here





      WeightTI.restrict = "0-9 .0-9";


      tf.font = "Segoe UI";

      tf.color = 000000;

      tf.size = 16;



      WeightTI.move(175, 234);

      WeightTI.setSize(99, 27);

      WeightTI.setStyle("textFormat", tf);



      //inputs gender constant



      boy_btn.label = "Male";

      boy_btn.value = "Male";

      girl_btn.label = "Female";

      girl_btn.value = "Female";


      boy_btn.move(177, 282);

      girl_btn.move(300, 282);


      var genderconstant = 0;


      boy_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, selectBoy)


      function selectBoy(event:MouseEvent):void


          genderconstant = 7.5;




      girl_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, selectGirl)


      function selectGirl(event:MouseEvent):void


          genderconstant = 9;




      //inputs number of drinks

      var q1

      var q2

      var q3

      var q4

      var q5

      var q6


      start_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, startGame)


      function startGame(event:MouseEvent): void