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    Working on two different pc


      Hi all!


      First, sorry for my bad english!


      I bought a NAS a few days ago 'cause I want my pictures in safety place. I have a pc and a NAS at home and a notebook in my work. I have created a new catalog, called "master", and I imported the pictures to my NAS/Lightroom folder. I worked on some pictures then I copied my catalog file and the master Previews.lrdata folder to my NAS, 'cause I would like to working on the photos at my notebook in work. So today, I have copied my catalog file and the master Previews.lrdata folder to my notebook from the NAS, but when I open the catalog file lightroom say: "The folder could not be found." I have got the pictures (NEF) on my notebook, too, but I don't know where can I put them to LR see them.


      So how can I working on the same photos on two different pc (at home's pc and my notebook in work)?


      Thanks a lot for your helps and sorry again for my bad english!


      Have a nice day to all!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I put my photos and Library/Previews on an external USB drive so I don’t need to copy anything, anywhere, to work on the photos on two different computers.  I backup the catalog and photos to another drive overnight so if I drop the external drive I have everything.  To make this painless, I assigned the same drive letter to the USB drive on both the laptop and desktop.

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            zsenillio Level 1

            Thanks for your quickly answer!


            That is an option too, what you do, but if you drop your external drive, your photos will be lost or not?!? I haven't got a lot of storage so this is why I keep my photos on my NAS (4 terrabytes in raid5). I don't want to buy a big capacity external drive too for my photos...


            I found a root-pixels.db and a previews.db files in the master Previews.lrdata folder. Can I overwrite the localization folder in this files??? Maybe if I make another way for the LR to fiend my photos on my notebook, it will works....or not? 

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              Cornelia-I Level 4

              Hi zsenillio,


              Ssprengel has his photos not only on the external USB-drive, but as well copied over somewhere else for safety..


              If you want to do all sorts of work on either PC/Notebook without planning ahead, i.e. Including Develop, then both machines need access to the same photos and catalog file, hence the advice to have everything on an external USB drive. Which needs to be large, obviously.


              I have never read about editing interference in single files of the previews folder. But you would have to do this back and forth with every switch of working machine?


              I would advise a different workflow, which needs more planning, if you do not want another terabyte-USB-drive as transportation vehicle between the two machines:

              On your master-PC think of "checking out" a portion of images to work on on the laptop: export them as catalog, name this portion accordingly. You can include the photos themselves and the previews.

              If your laptop should be capable to connect to your NAS, export them there, and import this check-out-catalog into your separate 2nd catalog on your laptop (which should be named differently feom the master, auxiliary-catalog or second-view).

              Do your work on the laptop.

              While you do, this bundle should be taboo on your PC. Unfortunately, as LR does not know such a checkout-concept by itself, dedicate some otherwide unused labeling feature, e.g. a colour, to mark the photos which have been included in the checkout catalog.


              When you are ready on your laptop, export the photos again as catalog from there, which is now a "to-get-checked-in catalog", again just an intermediate transportation vehicle. Maybe you assign another check-in colour in case you would want virtual copies.

              Import this into your master catalog on the PC, remove the check-out/in label colours.

              Delete both intermediate transportation catalogs from everywhere.


              So you see how easy this is to trap yourself, in case you deviate from strict discipline?


              Is a terabyte-usb-drive really too expensive instead? It should be usb3.0, as it may be too slow in writing speed for a catalog otherwise.



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                zsenillio Level 1

                Hi Cornelia!


                Thanks for your help, too!


                At now I try another way and it looks working, but I'll know only if I arrive to home...so I downloaded the visual subst program to my notebook and I made a same named virtual drive like my NAS at my home...LR has found all my photos, so I make some differents on some of these photos and when I arrive to home, I'll copy my catalog file and Previews.Irdata folder to my desktop and I'll see that works or not! 


                Thanks again for your answers, you are greats! 


                p.s.: I'll post my result afternoon!

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  My suggestion would be to use your NAS as the backup location, and use a 1TB USB3 WD Passport or similar to host your catalog and photos.  I use PTReplicator overnight to copy my photos to my backup location every night.  Other people use things like RoboCopy. 


                  The issue you’ll have with what you’re doing is what happens when you run out of space for photos and catalogs.  My 1TB drive holds about 1 years worth of photos, and I export a copy of my older photos, a month or a quarter at a time, to another catalog file my archive storage (not the same location as my backup copy of current work) and move the photos, themselves over there, and then remove the LR catalog reference to the photos.  My archive storage is a collection of 2TB drives I put into a drive dock, so I can swap between the various hard-drives when I need to look for something.

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                    zsenillio Level 1

                    Thanks a lot! I didn't found how can I set the location for the backup to my NAS...but what I did yesterday, it works...The copy's time will be very long when my catalog file will be bigger, so I have to do that what you wrote...I'll buy that 1TB WD Passport.


                    Thanks again for all, you helped me a lot! See you later, have a nice day for everybody!