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    ID CS6 epub DRM

    cadispraha Level 1

      Hello, I tried to make epub2 in ID CS6, but Calibri didn't open it, because DRM. I can't find the way how to remove it in ID. Any help, please?

      epub exported In ID CS5 has not any problem with this.


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you mean Calibre? (Calibri is a font!)


          There is no DRM in any InDesign-created ePub files. I've had no problems with opening my CS6-created ePubs in Calibre.


          But you should uncheck including fonts, that could cause a problem because they become encrypted.


          What message did you get?

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            cadispraha Level 1

            Steve, many thx for help. You have right twice:
            1) yes I mean Calibre
            2) DRM disappeared after uncheck including font.


            O got this message before:001.JPG

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              More precisely, they should have said that they can't open up files that contain encryption. But I know why they do it. People try to read their DRM-protected ePub and mobi files on Calibre and that won't work.

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                S Hoy Level 1

                I had the same problem, and not embedding the fonts solved it for me as well. But I need to produce a MOBI file, preferably using KindleGen, with the fonts embedded. Any suggestions?


                Thanks in advance,


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                  lgpiper Level 1

                  This is not a satisfying reply. One can embed fonts in CS4 and read the results with the formatting that the typography designer envisioned. So, it would seem, that Adobe has taken a step backwards, and people are stuck having their work displayed in whatever crap type faces the reader might happen to have on his or her reading device. InDesign updates should be giving people ever more control of their output, not stifling it. ...or am I missing something here?

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    The issue has nothing to do with Adobe taking a step backwards or doing anything to prevent your reading of your ePub file with the fonts you specified.


                    Not all ePub readers full implement or follow the ePub specification. When you create an ePub file from InDesign, fonts are embedded per the specification. The ePub specification requires that the fonts are obfuscated to prevent simple extraction and use in other contexts. It is very easy to write code to undo that font obfuscation and that's what complying ePub readers do.


                    You may not be satisfied with what particular readers do in terms of either ignoring embedding fonts or improperly yielding messages about DRM, but it isn't an issue about Adobe doing anything other than obeying the specification when creating ePub files.


                              - Dov

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                      lgpiper Level 1

                      Thanks for your clarification, but now I'm even more confused.


                      I misspoke about CS4. CS4 did not embed fonts. But, I took my CS4 InDesign files, opened them in CS5.5 on a Mac system and created an EPUB with embedded fonts that Calibre is perfectly willing to open and display. Then I took the exact same CS4-generated file and opened it in CS6 (on Win XP this time) to export to EPUB and got the DRM message when I tried opening in Calibre.  So what changed, other than one was on a Mac and one on a PC?


                      Whatever, it sounds like Calibre doesn't provide an adequate test bed for EPUB files, because it doesn't play nicely with embedded fonts. Do you have another suggestion?

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                        lgpiper Level 1

                        OK, I've looked at this some more. The CS4-generated Epub _does_ have fonts embedded. I changed all Epub documents to .zip files so I could see what was in them. Both the CS4 and CS5.5 generated Epub documents have embedded fonts. They also have a  file called encryption.xml, which presumably tells how to encrypt the things needing encryption.


                        So, my question is, how come I can apparently embed my fonts if I create the EPub from CS4 or CS5.5 and open those documents in Calibre, but when I embed from CS6, I can't open in Calibre?. The original source document is the same in each case. How is this not something related to a change by Adobe when they made CS6?

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                          ePubn00b Level 1

                          I am having this issue as well, but where do I find this option to uncheck including fonts?............edit..........nevermind, just update to the latest version of Calibre and you will no longer get DRM messages

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                            cadispraha Level 1

                            uncheck the last (third) options under CSS during epub making. I am using the czech version ID, so I don't know the right english name.