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    H264(Youtube/Vimeo Preset) export looks flat and desaturated- H264 Gamma?

    DavidForway Community Member

      All my h264 output both quickitme and mp4 looks flat and desaturated after export compared to to the program window.This happends with both cs5.5 and cs6.


      I know there is some h264 bug with Quicktime but  its flat on Youtube also( in Safari) I thought this gamma issue has been sorted out?


      How can I output my files to youtube so it looks the same as my Program monitor on youtube? I know all screens are different and you need a color calibrated montior( I have that) but why the shift?

      It just does not seem that anyone has an answer. x264 does not work... anything else? QUickitme x does not have the ability to do the "opacity fix"


      How will i get that my output on my client screen will not be so flat. ( I know it wont be exactly the same (as TVs in a showroom) but the difference between the video inside premier and outside is VAST!


      I dont want to "fix" it by addinga contrast and saturation layer and them on a Windows machine maybe its then overly contrasty?


      I'm on 17" MAcbook PRo Using anexternal calibrated NEC Monitor.


      Did I miss a major answer on the web somewhere?