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    Cue Sheets in CS6?

    Blizzke Level 1

      Please don't tell me Adobe removed the embedded cue sheet support from WAV files again in CS6?


      I've been using v3 very happily, only to discover that in v5 the CD burning support was removed. Since I mainly do some operations on CDs (speeding up etc), I really need the track position support.

      After a long time of looking I managed to get the cue points in v6 by adding the Cue Sheet into the WAV file using CueListTool. This way I can speed up and keep the markers for burning tracks again later.


      However now that I bought v6 (was really happy about the return of CD burning!) it seems that embedded cue sheets are no longer supported?

      Come on! Did I pay a lot of money to get this frustrated by a piece of software?


      Does anyone out there know a way to somehow get track information from a CD as markers in audition whilst keeping the mix in one piece?

      I would prefer answers besides "manually add them" please

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          MusicConductor Level 3

          I'm going to quibble with you a little, then give you some encouraging news.


          AA3 didn't support the full ability of a CueListTool or CDRWIN or EAC cue sheet.  To do that, you'd have the ability to have "Index 0" pre-track countdowns, which were only possible a decade ago in Cool Edit Pro 2.1.  Can you tell I miss that?  Well, if you're writing only plain ol' track markers to the wave file via CueListTool, AA CS6 should be able to pick them up.  The procedure is less than obvious, but simple enough once your ducks are in a row.


          Have a look at this related discussion and let us know if this helps:


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            Blizzke Level 1

            My problem is that I create a cd spanning WAVE file first with Max for example and then use CueListTool to embed the CUE sheet in that WAV file (since that was the only working way that I found for AA5). If you then open the file in AA you just get nice markers. In AA6, the marker panel remains empty after I import one of those WAVs.

            What I want to avoid is having to add all of them by hand because its a heap of work.


            I also can't split by tracks (that would be easier), since if you speed up all tracks separately they no long play seamlessly.


            So my problem is: How to rip a CD into AA6 as a single file with cue markers intact

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              MusicConductor Level 3

              I agree, you don't want to have to split by tracks if you can help it. 


              OK, so I just gave this a test.  The right answer was the result.  So at least we know it's possible to do what you're desiring.  Now we have to figure out why your result is different.  I have no idea what Max is, so perhaps there's something specific to that by which CueListTool gets thrown off.  So here's a list of steps in annoying specific detail:


              1) create a 16-bit, 44.1KHz wave file, the CD master

              2) create a cue sheet (contains TRACKS only)

              3) open the wave file and cue sheet in CueListTool (I'm using version 1.7)

              4) write the cues to the wave file

              5) open the file in Audition 5 - CS6.  You should see all the markers, and that CueListTool has automatically created ranges for them (nice!).

              6) open the markers panel.  You should then be able to see that all of the markers are of the "CD Track" variety, and also see their times and ranges.  Even the last track has a range to the end of the file!

              7) select all markers (they become highlighted)

              8) right click to see options: select "Insert into CD layout."

              9) burn CD and call it a day


              Can you reproduce these steps? 

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                Blizzke Level 1

                Max is one of the better CD rippers for Mac. Anyway, what you are describing is how I always do it (up to point 6 in the previous version of course as it didnt support CD writing).

                Unfortunately, opening the file after embedding the cue sheet results in an empty markers window (which is exactly why I've posted the question here )


                Screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12427690/CueListTool.png

                Twice the same file. I've restarted CueListTool, opened the file and did a "read cue list from WAV file" to be sure the tracks are actually embedded and then I've opened the file in Audition. As you can see: no markers

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                  SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

                  It sounds like CueListTool didn't manage to append the cue file to the end of your wav file. It's not read-only, is it?

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                    Blizzke Level 1

                    Hey Steve,


                    Thanks for joining (Interestingly my name is Steve G as well btw )

                    As I mentioned in my post, and as is visible in the screenshot I added: CueListTool correctly displays the tracks when opening de WAV file and using the load from WAV button. Also the modified timestamp changed so I'm fairly sure the tracks are in there

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                      MusicConductor Level 3

                      OK, something's definitely weird here with the file data.  So Steve (Blizzke), is there any chance you can create this file on a different computer?  Is there any possibility that using Max (since it's on the Mac side) is doing something unconventional with the file header?  I would just encourage you to mix things up a bit to see if you can get a different result, seeing as it worked perfectly for me as outlined above.

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                        Blizzke Level 1



                        Myeah, I can try to rip the file via a virtual machine using EAP or something alike I guess...

                        Do you happen to know of a WAV file out there with an embedded CUE sheet that works for you? That way we can eliminate a WIN <> MAC difference for AA as well.

                        And thanks for all the help and suggestions btw!

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                          MusicConductor Level 3

                          Actually, the one I made last week.  Except that it's too big to upload.  Let's see how the day goes today or tomorrow and I'll see what I can do about that.


                          Cancel that.  I don't see any way on this exasperating forum to upload AUDIO.  Only a picture or a link to video. Sorry.