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    Is CF10 working optimally

    carl type3 Champion

      CF10 tomcat logs indicate it is not working optimally. Is the INFO message following normal operation or something to worry about?




      CFAdmin > Debugging & Logging > Log Files > coldfusion-error.log


      16/05/2012 1:26:58 PM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init

      INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: C:\\ColdFusion10\\cfusion\lib;C:\\ColdFusion10\\cfusion\jintegra\bin;C:\\ColdFusion10\\cf usion\jintegra\bin\international;C:\\ColdFusion10\\cfusion\lib\oosdk\classes\win


      CFadmin > System Information


      Version  ColdFusion 10,282462 

      Tomcat Version 

      Operating System  Windows 7   32 bit

      OS Version  6.1   

      Adobe Driver Version  4.1 (Build 0001)   

      Java Version  1.6.0_29 



      Thanks in advance, Carl.

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          charlie@carehart.org Champion

          No, Carl, it’s not. If you do some googling about Tomcat’s APR functionality (or that specific error message), you’ll discover that it’s an intentional design that if the library is present it will be used, otherwise it will not be and that message is offered. CF does not provide it, and indeed most native tomcat deployments.


          If you view the various blog entries and articles, you’ll find how to locate, download, and install the APR library, but note that unless Adobe has certified CF to run with it, you’re then taking a risk even if you find proof that it’s “better” and “faster”. That said, I’ll note that I did some testing (adding it) and found it was not noticeably faster. YMMV (“your mileage may vary”), of course. HTH.



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            carl type3 Champion

            Place tcnative-1.dll in C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\lib and Start CF10.


            With tomcat APR tcnative-1.dll present coldfusion-error.log report:


            29/05/2012 10:17:23 AM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init
            INFO: Loaded APR based Apache Tomcat Native library 1.1.23.
            29/05/2012 10:17:23 AM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init
            INFO: APR capabilities: IPv6 [true], sendfile [true], accept filters [false], random [true].


            Charlie thank-you for details that you noticed. Regards, Carl.

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              charlie@carehart.org Champion

              Right, but the question is: should we recommend people do this? It’s not indicated as being supported. I’m as curious about this as anyone.



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                carl type3 Champion

                Agree hard to say do something unsupported and get better performance or stability. 


                For me being accustomed to say altering the Java to a version from what Adobe officially support or JVM setting changes from standard CF install settings - that being doing something that you know works well in your production environment and reproducing that with effective results across systems, then I would hazard to mention this tomcat APR CF10 is a matter of being familiar with what you are working with and putting thru sufficient testing and approval. Still for CF10 is early days more time development and production running required to know if will apply tomcat APR CF10 change as a 'standard setup process'.


                Cheers, Carl.

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                  charlie@carehart.org Champion

                  Right, and early days to know if indeed it offers any performance benefit at all. I would not be inclined myself to just “take it for granted” based on that message, or the observations of a few tomcat blog entries or docs. We really need to see a larger sample set of what CF 10 users find before making any recommendations that people consider it.


                  But I appreciate that your original point was simply “how to respond to the message”, which certainly makes it seem like something we’d want to consider. But since it’s just a standard Tomcat message, and not even Tomcat offers it by default, I’d argue the jury is still very much “out” on this.


                  And since you and I are often ones here who share such observations of tweaks, I just want to be really clear about my own stance on this matter (for now) to anyone reading this thread.





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                    djkhalif Newcomer



                    I can't get around the same issue as above. After testing on a demo server CF10 ran flawlessly. I then ran the upgrade on my production server side by side with CF9. The migration went smoothly until I noticed my charts were not rendering. I performed a clean install and boom I get nothing.

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                      charlie@carehart.org Champion

                      Djkhalif, whatever you’re experiencing, I seriously doubt it’s related to what Carl mentioned above. What he reported is not an “error”. It is this way for everyone running CF10 by default.


                      As for whatever problem you’re having, I’d recommend a) you create a new thread and b) you provide more details on what’s wrong.


                      First, you say “The migration went smoothly until I noticed my charts were not rendering.” Well, that would likely just be a problem of mapping in your web server, I suspect. It’s very easy (especially on a machine that was first setup to run with CF9) for things to get a little out of sync, with entries in the web server for both CF9 and CF10, if you’re not really (really) careful.


                      But them moving on to your “clean install”, is that on a new machine? And when you say “boom I get nothing”, do you really mean you get a “blank page”? Are you making your request using the built-in web server? An external web server? What happens if you try one or the other? What errors are in the logs.


                      Now, let me be clear: I am not asking you these questions to have you reply here. I really (really) think you should create a new thread, because what you’re raising has seemingly nothing to do with the original post (OP). I’m proposing that when you DO open that new thread, and repeat your problem below, you would do well (to get folks to help) to answer the questions above while you do it. No need to refer back to this message, or to me. (And I’ll note that I may or may not get to reply to that thread. I don’t see and reply to everyone one. I hope I will be able to, though. And hope you sort things out. )