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    Many apps crash after clean install of CS6. solution: "run this program as an administrator" in Win7

    d.p.middleton Level 1

      I upgraded from CS5.5 to CS6 by a clean install using the Adobe uninstallers. I have never had any problems with any upgrade before as I was about to experience with this one.


      The following applications crashed while exploring the application:

      • Adobe Bridge, when I wanted to open a folder to explore my harddrive. The faulting module is: MMXCore.8BX_unloaded, wpdshext.dll and ntdll.dll
      • Fireworks and DreamWeaver, when I wanted to use mini Bridge on module: BIB.dll


      The following applications could not even start:

      • InDesign crashed just after loading all plugins on KERNALBASE.dll and MSVCR100.dll.
      • Photoshop refused to start and gave a warning about privileges on a scratch file. I tried to remove the settings file when starting the application using the CTRL ALT SHFT keys, but it did not work


      This was a very unwelcoming introduction to CS6. Fortunately, all problems went away after I gave each application in the suite elevated privileges by turing with the ""run this program as an administrator" option in my Windows 7 HP system. The problem with Photoshop gave me hints in that direction.


      Is this issues known? If elevated privileges are required, why was it not included in the installer script?






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