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    Center the button label

    Howard Hoffman

      The headline is centered horizontally on the menu.  If I change the text, it will automatically re-align


      Is there any way to do the same for the button label?  Right now I have to re-align them manually after updating the text.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I use the various Alignment and Distribution Tools in Photoshop, and have never had an issue. Those Tools allow for one to Align multiple elements (usually separate Layer in PS) to Top, Bottom, Center, etc.


          Does that not work for you?


          Good luck,



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            Howard Hoffman Level 1

            Hi, Bill,


            That works fine.  What I am looking for is to automate that step.  If I change the label, I'd like to see the label automatically re-center itself, just like the title at the top.


            Is this possible?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              You have me on that automation.


              I am not sure that it is Actionable, but you could probably write a Script to do it, if your version of PS is late enough to support Scripts.


              My normal workflow is to just do the rough layout, for each Button (Button Layer Sets), and then do my Alignment & Distribution, when I am done, Selecting the appropriate Buttons and their Layer Sets in the Layers Palette. Remember, the one that you Select first, will become the "baseline," for the others, so Select in the appropriate order, or things get wonky fast - have your History Palette open, or Ctrl+Z at the ready.


              I would post the question to the PS - Scripting Forum, and some Scripting guru will let you know quickly, if what you want is possible. There are some crazy-smart folk there, and they have helped me out several times.


              Good luck, and please let me know how it goes.