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    PDF debugging tools?

    DDahlgren Level 1

      Are there any pdf "debugging" tools available, and if, what are they called?


      When trying to generate some PDF-files from scratch it is sometimes quite a bit of work trying to figure out where the problem lies if there is something wrong with the file.

      Acrobat will usually just say that file has error(s) and that it can't be opened. GSview (http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/gsview/) will give a bit more info which might help a LITTLE, but not a whole lot.

      I have also tried PDF "analyzers" like for example PDF Vole (http://java.net/projects/pdfvole), which of course gives you an overview of the structure of the document, but which is not that helpful when trying to find an error in the file.


      Can anyone suggest a good program for finding errors in a PDF-file, if such a program exists?


      Thanks alot in advance!