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    Readers Losing Subs - Costing us in Ratings


      The latest round of bugs being experienced by several DPS publishers is the lost of the reader's entire subscription upon install of a V 20 reader.  The solution is to uninstall and reinstall WITHOUT SELECTING "restore purchases" -- This is counter-intuitve so many users don't try it. 


      All of the 1-star ratings we have received have come because customers cannot download their issue or they have lost their subscription.  Since Apple doesn't allow us to respond to customers, we can't fix the issue for them and we get BS ratings in the iTunes Store. 


      Screen Shot 2012-05-27 at 11.24.45 PM.png


      Adobe really needs to do a couple of things:


      1. Fix the issue that causes this to happen in the first place (I've been waiting for support to investigate this for about a week)


      2. Work with Apple on setting up a private method for publishers to communicate with customers who poorly rate the magazine based on bugs in the delivery software.


      Start-up publishers have a hard enough time succeeding in an enviroment of 30% rake for distributors, 22 cents (on average) for each issue downloaded and the overhead and incremental cost of publishing an interactive magazine. Malfunctioning delivery software can be deadly to publshers in our situation.


      Michael Kranitz, CEO

      RC Pilot Magazine