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    Downloading a trial — problem with the Adobe Download Assistant

    tgough88 Adobe Employee

      Q: What is the Adobe Download Assistant?


      A: Trial versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Premiere Elements are downloaded using the Adobe Download Assistant — a small application that is meant to improve download reliability and avoid issues that commonly occur during large downloads, such as frequent disconnects. After the trial product is downloaded, Adobe Download Assistant should automatically start installing the product.



      Q: I installed the Adobe Download Assistant, but my trial didn't download?


      A: Under certain conditions, the Adobe Download Assistant installs but does not immediately start downloading the trial product. If this happens:


      1. Quit the Adobe Download Assistant.


      2. In your browser, return to the product trial download page on Adobe.com. Refresh the page, then click the Download now button again and follow the prompts.


      Important: When you start the download, be sure to select your User folder or Desktop folder. A common cause of errors are due to attempts to download the Adobe Download Assistant to the Program Files/Applications folder. The Adobe Download Assistant only downloads the trial application files. Once the download is complete it will  launch the application installer; when the installer  is launched you can then choose to install the actual trial application into the Program Files/Application folder.


      For more info, see


      Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant


      Adobe Download Assistant FAQ



      Q: I've have a problem on Windows 7. The download manager just sits there, and does nothing, even after I navigate back to the trial page. It turns out that you can't install Flash in the Programs folder. You have to pick a different folder for ADA to actually work?


      A: You are correct, the Adobe Download Assistant does not have sufficient permission to save files to the Program Files folder. If you run the Adobe Download Assistant as an administrator, or save to a different location (for example, in your Users folder), this should resolve the issue.



      Q: When I try and download the Creative Suite Design Premium the Download Assistant opens and I log in. On the top it says "Welcome, User" but on the bottom right below the action bar for the download it says "Sign in ith your Adobe ID to continue" and the action/download bar just sits there. I have quit and restarted numerous times and even left it running all night. Nothing is working though. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and see no error messages.


      A: Try opening your browser by right-clicking in the start-programs menu and select "Run as Administrator".



      Q: I am trying to download the Premiere trial version onto Windows. I had no issues installing Adobe Download Assistant, however when I tried to log in, it came up with error 100, claiming it could not communicate with the internet.


      A: Many of the errors which forum users are experiencing with the download process is due to trying to download to the Program Files/Applications folder. This seems to cause Error 100, 101, 107, and even problems with being able to extract the install files after the download completes. The Adobe Download Assistant is only downloading the install files.  Once the download is complete it will then launch the installer.  Once the installer itself is launched you can then install to the Program Files/Application folder.



      Q: I've tried everything and nothing works. I'm really frustrated and I don't know what else to do. How can I download a trial?


      A: Another way to get trials of Adobe software is to sign-up for a Free Creative Cloud Membership. With Creative Cloud Membership you can download full, downloadable 30-day trials of all our CS6 Master Collection straight to your desktop, and store up to 2GB of files. Alternately, you can review http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369 which provides information on how to obtain direct downloads.