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    How do I organize 19,000 pictures?




      I’m trying to organize all my files in lightroom 4.0 and my computer.


      Lightroom aside, the way I have my photos organized are like this. Follow along with the photo please!


      In the My Pictures folder I have a few folders for each year. You open up a year, like 2011 and it opens up each photo session I did. For example if I went to the beach on March 25 I would make a folder titled March 25, Beach Shoot. Inside that folder would be all of my pictures from the beach.


      Well in lightroom I imported everything and it all shows up as various folders. There are no years, all the years are crammed into one section in the module. The folders section under my C drive.


      Its really hard to find certain photos from shoots. I dont care to look through shoots from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 when I went on a shoot yesterday, in 2012.


      What is the best way to organize all my pictures from various years? How do others do this? I bought a Lynda membership for their video lessons and took a 5 hour course on how to organize Lightroom and the guy in the video was dealing with like 150 shots. I’m dealing with almost 20,000.


      Any advice would be great, thanks.