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    Starling help using flash cs6


      all I'm trying to do is convert some animations to spritesheets..


      converting and making spritesheets is covered extencivly by adobe tutorials and pretty much everywhere I look. using them in actionscript and getting them running is another story..


      I've picked starling as the data format to export my spritesheet. mainly because it was a new addition to cs6 and i hear it is vary optomized for android and ios


      im trying to follow various tutorials done on flashbuilder but i cant even import starling elements, it seams cs6 and adobe air 3.3 did not come with starling, so im at a loss of how to install and use starling for adobe flash cs6   any of the tuts for getting it to run, even on starlings site are for cs5.5, a year out of date and i have to downgrade certain elements to get it installed on cs6..


      why is it this dificult to get this working