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        ruffnready Level 1

        I am running LC4 RC2.  Following your lead Jason, I just uninstalled Quicktime to see if I see improvement.   I had Quicktime Pro and it should be the latest version.  I did not pay attention before I deleted it...I will report back as I have heavy need for LR this evening.

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          Quick update: I have crashed again now without Quicktime installed, but I am starting to see a pattern of when it happens for me. My crashes seem to happen when I am dragging one of the sliders (such as clarity, shadows, highlights, etc.) very slowly as to fine tune that particular setting. And again, for me my whole system crashes, not just Lightroom....so not sure if anyone else is experiencing that. It sounds like others are just getting application crashes, so my situation may be a bit different. Can anyone else confirm having system crashes?

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            do you have any usb devices running?  like a printer, card reader????

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              Jason-Miller Level 1

              Yes, a few things:


              * External Hardrive - WD MyBook 3TB

              * Netgear Wireless Network Adapter

              * Microsoft Trackball Mouse

              * Apple Keyboard

              * HP Deskjet Printer

              * Microsoft Webcam


              The printer was never turned on, nor the drivers ever installed after the last reformat. However, I have unplugged it now anyways for testing. I have unplugged the Wireless Adapter and replaced it with a standard network cable. And I have also unplugged the webcam, leaving only the external HD, keyboard and mouse plugged into USB slots. I will test with this configuration and see what the results yield.

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                Jason-Miller Level 1

                Had an immediate crash right after I unplugged everything, restarted the machine and re-launched LR again. However, I believe it was because of the previous crash and the catelog not closing properly. After re-launching a second time it went back to the default catalog as if to imply the catalog I was working with could not be loaded (actually didn't even show as a recent catalog). Anyway's, so far so good without the peripherals plugged in. I will update again if that changes. Sometimes it takes a minute for it to crash if it's going too.

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                  wizard155 Level 1

                  Sorry to confuse but it was LR 4.1 RC2 not 4.0


                  The version of Quicktime Pro I have is 7.7.1 (1680.42) from the Help -> About window of Quicktime. There is a 7.7.2 update available which I might update to just to see if it resolves the issue with LR.


                  I don't use any other Apple software on my computer and was only using Quicktime to tinker around with my GoPro within LR (which I'm currently not doing but am intending to... honest! ).


                  Just be aware of any graphic card driver updates and chipset updates if you are using a PC. They can be quite helpful in resolving issues.

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                    wizard155 Level 1

                    Please also note that if you have an Nvidia video card to download the latest version applicable to your video card.


                    When you go to install it, choose custom install and tick the clean install button. This will wipe all legacy settings previously set.


                    I've noticed significant video performance increase due to this. I can note at least a 20 - 30% performance increase within LR4.1 RC2.


                    I can also point out that RC2 does not crash anymore either.

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                      ben yee Level 1

                      My LR 4.1 RC2 is  now running like what I was experiencing with LR 3.6 and what I did was a major overhaul of my PC system on May 18. Crashes, unknown errors, blank screens, very slow sliders and even slower loading among other issues are all gone. I have two monitors, three USB 2.0 devices connected and they all coexist very happily together. I upgraded to LR 4 due to the 5DM3 support and my old Windows Vista 32 bit system with 4GB Ram was working at a crawl and since my C: drive was getting full I decided to upgrade the key components and LR 4.1 RC2 reinstalled from scratch. My upgraded system retained the old drives ( D, E,  F) with these new parts::


                      1. Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

                      2. Intel Core i7-3820 3.6 Ghz Quad core CPU with eight threads

                      3. Intel DX79TO Extreme motherboard

                      4. C: drive is Kingston 240GB SSDNow KC100

                      5. 32 GB Kingston HYPERX Genesis 1600 DDR3 Ram ( 8pcs  x 4GB)

                      6. Nvidia Winfast GT440 1024MB DDR3 dual display card.


                      The two monitors are my reliable  DELL 24", the primary at full native 1920x1200 and the secondary at full native 1680 x1050 and on the second monitor I can display Grid or Loupe without crashing the system.


                      On the SSD drive are the OS, LR programs and catalog files. I also put my current folders on the SSD for the speed of access and when the job is done I will copy the folder to another drive and get LR to point to the new location. All the commands like zoom, adjustment brush, graduated filter, cropping, sliders are all very responsive and they do not slow the process down like before.


                      I started a new catalog for LR4 with the RAW from 5DM3 and that could have also helped to reduce the loading time as the new catalog has less than 2000 photos. My LR 3 catalog has 28,770 photos and if I need to process them I will keep them with the PV 2010 and not convert to PV 2012 as  a  lot of work had been put into them and I am not going to use new parameters on them. I have tried converting some to PV 2012 and have no problem working with them unlike some who have reported otherwise.


                      Hope the above helps in some way or other as my personal experience is that LR is a power hungry beast and the only way to tame it is to provide more power. I am glad I did and I am discovering LR ...... again.

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                        Jason-Miller Level 1

                        wizard155 - Whenever I would check my video driver to see if I had the latest, Windows would say that I did...However, when I went to the Nvidia site as you suggested I realized I only had the stock driver that comes with Windows, or through Windows Update and in fact I was missing the latest driver and Nvidia software. I have since installed and have been monitoring the situation for improvements. Hopefully this sorts out my issue going forward.

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                          ruffnready Level 1

                          Please keep us posted....like you It appears I have the latest drivers. ...but still crashing over and over....and I don't want a 32 GB ram or a bunch of small catalogs or whatever....I also don't want to uninstall all the other software I use and etc....I think this is an Adobe problem.


                          By the way, I have surveyed apple users, not a single one of them has reported a problem ....although the sample size is limited.

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                            ruffnready Level 1

                            after installing LR4.1 without removing or updating any drivers, has NOT HAD A SINGLE CRASH!   Wooohooo!    but "knock on wood"!

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                              I have the same problem. Lightroom 4 RC2 worked well for first week or so then it constantly and randomly whenever trying to develop goes dead for a minute or two and shows "Not Responding" in title bar,over and over and over. took me hours just to work on one Photo. It always comes back after a minute or so of pause, and whatever I do I cannot get it to stop pegging CPU at 100% My Ram is 8 Gigs and it never goes over 2.8 in useage.

                              I noticed that upon installing Quicktime which Lightroom 4 said was needed to work on video that Lightroom slowed way down. I will unistall Quicktime to see if anything changes.
                              Otherwise this is horrible- I mean Really??

                              Update to what I did yesterday:
                              I unistallled QuickTime and Apple Update manager as well. I also made sure I have the latest video drivers.  Lightroom 4 RC2 runs some what better. It still locks up with "not responding" but not as often and now only in develop module. I have been watching System Performance in task manager and CPU varies from  57-90% while just having Lightroom open but when you just move the mouse over any part of the Develop Module screen CPU pegs at 100% constant. And that is without clicking on anything.


                              Never had any sort of this issue with Lightroom 3 and Elements 9 and Snapseed all open at the same time. Worked really well and I love Lightroom so it is a shame to see this happening.
                              Thanks Mark





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                                I am running LR4.1 (had the RC and now the real thing) and use two monitors without issue.  LR4.0 was HORRIBLE... it was slow an crashed every time I moved a slider.  Since installing 4.1RC and now the real 4.1 things are much better, although I still like the Fill Light slider from Process Version 2010!


                                I am running it all off a Asus G74SX laptop, i7, 17" screen + 27" external, 16GB RAM soon to be 32GB, dual internal HDS and Quad external HDs

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                                  vtfotopro Level 1

                                  I imported my one catalogue which has more than 100,000 images with no problem into LR4.0 but it ran so slow and crashed when in Develop mode... since moving to LR4.1 RC and the real 4.1 today, no issues except I could not get the update using Chrome, had to use IE

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                                    Bruce99, Sydney

                                    LR4.1 is working for me too. No crashes since its installation, using two monitors!

                                    I will even try reinstalling the Wacom tablet driver later and see what happens........

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                                      Windows 7 64 bit. Never had a problem with LR 2 and 3. Also in the beginning at first release of LR4 (4.01) things worked fine. Then my whole system started to crash, at first when I did some heavy exporting of files. It became more frequent and now it even happens when browsing through a film strip. In a half second my whole system shuts itself off. At first I thought it was because my external hard disc  had become too short in disc space. Now I tried to clean up, which is difficult when your system crashes all the time. Thought it had helped, but now even when there is enough space crashes occur frequently. I even adjusted my system to classic view, also this seemed to give improvement. really thought this had fixed the problem. But now it is sometimes even slow in this little memory using display of Windows and crashes too. You gotta be kidding when you say this is taking fun out of processing. This is killing my hobby as photographer and it is leaving me agitated. My work flow goes down the drain like this. i hope there will be some solution soon otherwise I might just as well reeinstall LR3. When I open files up from LR into CS5 I am safe again.

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                                        Hal P Anderson Level 6

                                        If your system shuts itself down, it's quite likely overheating. Lightroom can make a computer work hard and get hot. Make sure all your fans are running, especially your CPU fan. Make sure none of your vents are clogged and that your heatsinks and motherboard are free of dust.


                                        You can get a free app called "Speedfan" that will report on various temperatures within your computer. Also, there's a free program, Prime95, that has a torture test mode that will work your computer very hard. See Google for both of those programs.



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                                          Dedsharp Level 1

                                          Thanks for your options HAl. I will look into it. Tried to get out some dust from CPU vent. There were some flakes coming out. I tried Speedfan but it seemed a bit complicated to kow what to do with it. Fans are working, but I don't know about the graphics card. Maybe wise to let it have a check up at the local computer shop.

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                                            ruffnready Level 1

                                            I feel your angst as that was where I was with the RC.  4.1 though has not crashed yet although I do see it bogged down from time to time..good luck and I am sure you will figure it out....

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