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    Open browser window - not working right in different browsers


      My client wants to link to a video on another company's site (he has permission). When I use the DW behavior of Open Browser Window in a specifc size it acts weird, depending on which broswer is used. I've used this function many times over the years and never had this problem until now.


      Here is the page: http://www.jesseyoung.com/clients/pristine/services/chimney_sweeps.shtml If you click on the blue graphic "Chimney safety institute of America" it is supposed to open in a 620x460 window. But the client says that sometimes it opens a second full browser window of the site, and also a window with the video, which is not sized properly. It happens with Safari and Firefox, on both is Mac and PC. On my PC it all seems to work fine.


      Any suggestions? Could this be something to do with the fact that the video is hosted on someone else's site?