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    Forum request (2)

    pwillener Level 8

      While the forum skin is being redone, I have two requests that I hope to get integrated.  I will post them in two different topics, so they can be easier addressed and discussed.


      Recently, several of the forums where I regularly participate receive large number of posts every day. It seems currently the forum lists 30 discussions by default.


      Sometimes topics that have been posted or updated during the past 24 hours are three pages back!  For each topic to view we have to click the Next button twice, as there is no direct link to page 3.  Each topic we reply to is moved back to the top of the forum, so the oldest unanswered topic will always remain on page 3.


      This wastes a lot of unnecessary time.  So my request: can we have an option to increase the number of topics listed per page?  By user, of course, not generally for everyone.