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    Restore Site definitions from CS 4


      I recently updated from CS4 to CS 5.5 on My Mac running OS X 10.6.8. I uninstalled all CS 4 components befroe installing. Now I realize I forgot to export my existing sites before uninstalling. I do have a backup and I know where the sites exist within ~Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4/en_US/Configuration. However, if I just restore this folder and replace the current SitesCache folder with this one, it does not see the sites. Is there a way to get CS 5.5 to recognize these sites?

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          Nancy O. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AFAIK, you have only 2 options: 

          1. Import saved .ste files from a previous export. You would have had to do this from CS4. If not,
          2. Enter site information manually. 


          Afterwards, be sure to export all your site definitions to a safe place.  Do it again if you make any changes.  I keep one set in my local site folders and another set on a removable flash drive.




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            auclander Level 1



            Thanks, but…


            Look I get it. I should have backed the sites up, but that is water under the bridge at this point. I will do so from now on. I like many others assumed that having a complete backup of my system would be sufficient. But, based on the number of views this topic has already gotten this morning, I would think that Adobe would find it useful to take the existing code that exports the sites within each version and create free standing widget that would allow you to export them from a backup to create .ste files you could import into your updated version.

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              Nancy O. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I hear you.  Upgrading is a pain.  Migrating site settings, extensions, custom snippets, etc... needs to be easier.


              Please file a feature request. 





              Nancy O.