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    LR4 - Hierarchical Keyword Metadata Read Problem

    gcoupe Level 1

      I'm new to LR and LR4. I'm trying it out, but I've found an issue/problem/bug with keywords.


      I use hierarchical keywords stored as metadata in my photos. The separator character between hierarchy levels is the "/" character. LR4 recognises this when Importing photos into the catalog. So the LR4 Catalog correctly reflects the hierarchy on Import.


      However, I would have expected LR4 to also recognise the "/" separator when reading metadata from files. But it doesn't. It simply creates a new flat keyword string.


      For example, let's suppose I have a keyword with the hierarchy: Events/holidays/Christmas. If I import photos having the Christmas keyword, then the hierarchy gets created correctly in the Catalog.


      However, if subsequently I read the metadata form a photo which has this keyword, then LR4 will create a new flat keyword string: "Events/holidays/Christmas".


      This is not the desired behaviour. Am I missing a setting somewhere in LR4, or do I have to manually fix all photos that I read new metadata from?