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    White Screen


      I just get a white screen for video display in Adobe premier elements 10?  When it launches, I get a message on incopatible display driver-intel HD Graphics 2.1.0.  All drivers are up to date.  I am running a Lenovo laptop with Windows 7, 64 bit.

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          Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

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            JMJarrige Community Member

            Could you try this method from John T Smith :


            This one is about your problem http://forums.adobe.com/thread/769303


            I use it sometimes on my Prem Elements 9 on Vista.

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              the_wine_snob Community Member

              This is almost always a video driver issue.


              When you say that you have the latest video driver, did you go to the Lenovo, or nVidia Web site, to check that? If you only checked via Windows, or some driver utility, that info will likely be at least 6 mos. out of date.


              Per another thread, on video drivers, it seems that MS might have introduced an update, or hot-fix, that is breaking the video drivers with some regularity. Not sure what is up with that. It might take a week, or two, before a new video driver is introduced to fix things.


              What make/model of display adapter (video card, or chip) do you have?

              What is the number and date of the installed video driver?


              Good luck,



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                PowerPics Community Member


                latest driver - I got the latest Windows drivers as well as Lenovo's.  I get a message saying incompatible intel driver but I am using the nvidia graphics.  Does that make sense?  Should I be looking for something else?


                Using version 10.  Can't fine a BADRIVER file anywhere on my hard drive?

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                  John T Smith CommunityModerator

                  You need to go to nVidia's web site and search for your specific model of graphics card/chip


                  Wait... 1st you say "incopatible display driver-intel HD Graphics 2.1.0" for your Lenovo laptop


                  Now you say "but I am using the nvidia graphics"


                  Which is it?


                  If you have BOTH, I think you need to go into Control Panel and tell your laptop that your nVidia card/chip is default (or BIOS, I'm not sure, as I did not save the previous discussion link)

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                    the_wine_snob Community Member

                    I would go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager, and look for Display Adapters. There should be a little square with a + in it. Open that up,and make note of the Display Adapters that are installed in Windows. Some computer mfgrs. are running both an Intel embedded chip, plus an nVidia.


                    It might be that you have two Display Adapters, an Intel, and an nVidia. If that is the case, my guess would be that it is the Intel, that is causing at least part of your problem.


                    Good luck, and let us know about the Display Adapters that you find, please.



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                      PowerPics Community Member

                      I have heard/read that the laptop board likely has embedded Intel HD Graphics (Driver - 6/21/2010) and the NVIDIA NVS 3100M (Driver - 4/1/2011).  Supposedly, nvidia has a later release than Lenovo (Quadro Notebook Driver Release 295/Version: 296.70 WHQL/Release Date: May 4, 2012).  Lets try that!


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                        the_wine_snob Community Member

                        I would go to Device Manager, and see exactly what you have.


                        Also, I would make sure to match your nVidia card/chip exactly, and then choose your OS from the drop-down.


                        Good luck,



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                          PowerPics Community Member

                          anybody else frustrated with adobe chat service.  Many...many questions just to say they can't help me.  Call back during the day!


                          I used Lenovo update routine and did get new versions for both the Intel HD and nvidia drivers.  Rebooted and not change?

                          I read there was a 'baddriver' file in version 9 but can't find such an animal in version 10.  Could that be an issue now?

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                            PowerPics Community Member

                            HELP!!!  Adobe is telling me that they do not support video camera/dslr video input.  Not documented on their approved input list


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                              PowerPics Community Member

                              adobe doesnt support dslr video?

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                                the_wine_snob Community Member

                                Don't you have PrE10? It certainly does have DSLR Presets, accessed at New Project. Does your installation not have those?


                                Good luck,