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    Last Frames of Video Not Playing in AIR Android

    The Almighty Egg Level 1

      I have built a simple app that uses OSMF to play an MP4 by http progressive download. When I build my app to an Android device, the video does not display the last frame. The progress events indicate that the correct time has been reached, but the last frame (or frames) do not get displayed. The last frame displayed changes each time, but it is within roughly 1 second of the end. This is all I'm doing:



      var media_factory: DefaultMediaFactory = new DefaultMediaFactory();
      var container:MediaContainer = new MediaContainer();
      this.addChild( container );
      mplayer = new MediaPlayer();
      mplayer.autoPlay = false;
      mplayer.autoRewind = false;
      mplayer.loop = false;
      var ur:URLResource = new URLResource( "http://flash.delmar.cengage.com/DLvideo/00/03/30/33058.mp4" );
      var element:MediaElement = media_factory.createMediaElement( ur );
      container.addMediaElement( element );
      mplayer.media = element;


      There is also a button that calls 'mplayer.play()' again in order to replay the media. I can post the complete project, but there's really nothing to it.


      Does anyone know anything about this?