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    Why do my Frame Fitting Options reset upon Relinking graphics?


      I'm a semi-new user to InDesign, so it's possible that I'm missing something here... Using InDesign CS4, I've setup a file to be used as a template pamphlet, with several placeholder frames that include placeholder content. I've set each frame with specific Frame Fitting Options (in the actual dialog box, not just selected from the menu). When I attempt to relink the placeholder content to the new files, the placeholder frames lose the Frame Fitting Options I've specified and convert to however the graphics are placed as default. How can I preserve my Frame Fitting Options? Is there not a way?


      PS - The relinked files are of varying shapes and sizes, so the "Preserve image dimensions when Relinking" under Preferences > File Handling is not quite the answer I'm looking for...


      Thanks for the help!