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    Problems with XDCAM EX Footage

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      I recently upgraded to Premiere CS6, and in CS6 opened a version of a project I'd started in CS5.5.2. I'm working with XDCAM EX footage, editing natively.  I'm working with Mac OS 10.7.4, 2010 Mac Pro, NVIDIA QUADRO 4000.


      When I play my there are tearing artifacts across many of the clips, and there weren't any in the CS 5.5.2 version. I opened the project in CS 5.5.2 and the same sequence plays fine.


      I've tried cleaning the media cache, trashing my preferences, repairing my disk permissions, and creating a new project in CS6 and importing my sequences into it.  Same problems.


      I've also had some clips go offline mysteriously, when I try reconnecting (in 5.5.2) I get an error saying there are no video or audio streams and it can't re-connect. The clips play fine in VLC player. But, if I boot from the clone of my OS drive that I created before upgrading to CS6 I don't get any offline clips.


      Any suggestions?






      Gerry Curtis





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