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    Quiz results incorrect


      I've built a tutorial with 5 questions at the end.  I've copied this tutorial 2 times to create other tutorials that were similar, each having 5 questions at the end.  I've noticed on the 3rd tutorial that during development it shows "Question 1 of 5 (and so on)" at the bottom, but when it is previewed or published it shows "Question 12 of 16 (and so on)".  If all questions are answered correctly it show 5 out of 16. The 2nd tutorial shows "Question 9 of 13 (and so on)".  The original reports correctly.



      I have gone into quiz preferences and renamed the quiz, renamed the objective ID and have renamed the Interaction ID thinking that it was linked somehow, but this hasn't fixed the issue.



      The original projects were built in Captivate 5 and the final two are being edited and published using Captivate 5.5.



      This probably doesn't matter but I'm running Windows XP, service pack 3, 32 bit.