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    Slow P2 ingest in Prelude CS6

    Movie Geek Newcomer

      So, when I first read through the features and specs for Adobe Prelude, I was stoked that it was built specifically for file-based media ingest. I was seriously hoping that it would help with my P2 workflow and metalogging, since the P2 Content Management System is no longer supported for Windows (past XP anyway).


      To my chagrine, I go to ingest my P2 footage from my HVX (via FireWire) and it takes FOREVER.


      Is there something I am overlooking when it comes to ingesting DVCProHD?


      Why does P2CMS ingest so much faster than Prelude?




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          Wes Plate Pioneer

          What kind of time is the camera via firewire ingest taking?  If you ingest to Prelude via a card reader is it faster?  If so, how much faster?

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            Movie Geek Newcomer

            Ingest took +/- 15 minutes for 4GB worth of footage.


            P2CMS generally takes about 1-2 minutes per GB via firewire.


            Haven't been able to test via card reader yet, since I don't have a PCMCIA

            slot, and the Duel Adapters don't work on Snow Leopard.

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              Wes Plate Pioneer

              If you copy the entire camera "card" in Windows Explorer, how long does that copy take?

              And then if you ingest that copy of the card via Prelude, how long does that take?



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                Movie Geek Newcomer

                I did some speed tests today to determine which was the quickest ingest method, and while Prelude seems to have performed much better this time around, it still was not as fast as P2 Viewer via USB (albeit barely).


                I tested each method with the same clip.


                Clip Length: 01:05;15

                Settings: 1080i/23.97p

                Codec: DVCProHD

                File Size: 968.6 MB



                Test 1 - Firewire (HVX200 to Mac Snow Leopard


                Copy & Paste: 00:01:45

                P2CMS ingest: 00:01:50

                Adobe Prelude: 00:01:36



                Test 2 - USB (HVX200 to Windows Vista 64bit)


                Copy & Paste: 00:01:20

                P2 Viewer: 00:00:35

                Adobe Prelude: 00:00:38




                All in all, it seems that P2 Viewer via USB is still the faster direct-from-camera ingest method.


                As far as my earlier complaints about Prelude's ingest speed, I have noticed after my testing that the progress bar seems to hang for a while between 1% - 4% and then goes from 5 to 100 almost instantly. Perhaps this caused the process to only seem as though it took longer than it did.


                Is there a fix in the works to get the status bar to accuarately reflect the ingest status?

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                  cykopat Newcomer

                  I believe USB 2.0 is only what 480Mb/s so that is 0.05859375 GB/s which in my case on my Windows 7 Box Prelude and P2 Viewer and Explorer copy and paste is all the same speed. I haven't noticed any speed differences.

                  Now I do use the USB 2.0 P2 Single Card Reader. I would like to get the USB 3.0 since that offers 5Gb/s.

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                    Wes Plate Pioneer

                    Thank you, movie geek, for the follow-up. I will share your information (as well as the comment about the progress bar) with the team.

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                      Wes Plate Pioneer

                      Movie Geek, I can't say when we'll be able to address the progress bar issue you described.  You can help by submitting a bug at http://adobe.com/go/wish (Prelude is not listed yet so please choose Production Premium) Please provide as much detail as possible, this will help us a great deal.


                      I'm glad to hear that overall the speed of Prelude is on par with other copying methods, we just need to address the progress bar perception problem.