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    Wrap a line of text around 3 sides of a 3D "box"?

    photodrawken Level 5

      Ai CS6.


      If I draw a rectangle and use Extrude&Bevel to create a 3D "box" shape, how do I wrap a single line of text around three of the sides?  I've created a Symbol from the text, and it shows up in the "Map Art" dialog window's "Symbols" selection, but only one face of the 3D box is shown at a time.  I was hoping to see a flattened box shape showing all six faces so I could accurately place the line of text.  Similar to what you see when you revolve a path to get a 3D object.


      It's even worse if I apply a bevelled edge to the extrusion -- then there are 40 separate "faces" to deal with.