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    IMac Install


      Photoshop Elements 10 (Photo and Video) Organizer will open and stay open for a few seconds then close. I have uploaded a patch but it did not help. What else do I need to do?

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          Arpit Kapoor Ninja

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            Barbara B. Mythic

            Does this happen whether you open it from the welcome screen or directly from applications? Try starting the organizer while holding down the shft key to bring up the catalog manager, then select your catalog, repair and optimize.

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              adb1960 Newcomer

              This didn't help. Adobe support finally helped me correct this issue so it is not crashing anymore. Now it will not allow me to Edit and save my photos...Says "Could not save because write access was not granted"..

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                Barbara B. Mythic

                Did you install from, are you running from an admin account? And where are these photos located?

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                  adb1960 Newcomer
                  • Installed from Download - Just purchased the iMac last weekend. I had Photoshop Organizer and Elements 10 on my old PC. Tried to move it to the Mac but it kept crashing. Uninstalled and purchased a new one for Mac. Installed and had crash issues noted above. Got that resolved.
                  • Don't believe I am running from an Admin Account as I am not sure what you are talking about. When I sign into my mac I use my normal password that identifies me. I created a new sign in for Adobe for my husband and tried using it with the Photoshop application this am and that did not work either.
                  • The photos are on an external drive. Last night one of the techs had me move several to the desktop and that worked but I could not understand what he was trying to tell me to do and eyes were burning bad so gave up and started trying to understand the document he gave me to create an Admin Account. Still cant figure it out on my own.

                  I am very proficient with the PC and generally dont need a tech at all to resolve my issues but this Mac is SO different. I don't know where anything is. He told me to right click last night and to my knowledge I could not right click with this mouse. I am really going to the store and take lessons once I get the aggravation resolved with this program

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                    Barbara B. Mythic

                    To see whether you're running from an admin account, go to system preferences>Users & Groups, click your account and see if "allow user to administer this computer" is checked.

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                      Barbara B. Mythic

                      Also, macs have had right click for many years. To enable it, go to system prefs>mouse>point and click>secondary click and choose what you want to do.

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                        adb1960 Newcomer

                        It is checked to all user to administer this computer...

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                          adb1960 Newcomer

                          YEA!!! I got it. The right click on the mouse I mean

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                            Barbara B. Mythic



                            Tried to move it to the Mac but it kept crashing. Uninstalled

                            You need to explain this better. How did you move and how uninstall?

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                              adb1960 Newcomer

                              I originally installed the same Photoshop Elements 10 I had on my old PC. Did not consider the difference in computers. I had a license and could move it to a new computer. I tried it but the Organizer kept crashing so I uninstalled the original Photoshop I had and bought a new version and specified Mac.

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                                Barbara B. Mythic

                                Well, if you had discs you just wasted a bunch of money buying the same thing again, but at this point the thing to do is to figure out why the organizer is crashing. Which version of OS X?

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                                  Barbara B. Mythic

                                  Also did you uninstall with the uninstaller in the PSE 10 folder in applications? I hope so.

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                                    adb1960 Newcomer

                                    Organizer is not crashing now. The tech assisted me in fixing that Thursday night. The only problem I still have is not being able to save my photos. becuase write access was not granted..   Figured I was messing up buying it again. They may have to give me the money back on Monday if we cant figure this out. I have not been able to use the problem since last weekend and the frustration level is about over the top. Have been looking at other programs.


                                    I am looking for the version of OS X. I had assumed that it was the very latest version since I just purchased the machine last weekend..

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                                      Barbara B. Mythic

                                      Can you save to the internal drive? What format is the external?

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                                        Barbara B. Mythic

                                        To find your OS X version, click the black apple at the upper left of the screen and choose About this Mac:


                                        Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 3.55.58 PM.png

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                                          adb1960 Newcomer

                                          THANKS!!   10.7.4

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                                            adb1960 Newcomer

                                            Yes, Will take some time. There are 38,000 + photos..

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                                              Barbara B. Mythic

                                              Wait, don't do that. I was just trying to figure out if your problem was with PSE. If your external is formatted NTFS, for example, macs can read that format but not write to it.

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                                                Barbara B. Mythic

                                                If you're not sure how a disk is formatted, when it's connected and turned on, go to applications>utlities>disk utility and click it in the list on the left. Then down at the bottom of the screen you should see:


                                                Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 4.06.41 PM.png

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                                                  adb1960 Newcomer

                                                  Ok. Let me look

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                                                    adb1960 Newcomer

                                                    The external drive is formatted:  Windows NT File System (NTSF). This is the problem, right? I need to copy the pictures over to the hard drive in the Mac and disconnect the external drive??


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                                                      Barbara B. Mythic

                                                      Yes. Do you still need to be able to access the drive in Windows? If not, just use disk utility to reformat to Mac OS X Journaled Extended. If you want to be able to write to it from both platforms you have a couple of different formatting choices, each of which has advantages and disadvantages, or you can install a utility that lets OS X write to the NTFS drive.


                                                      If you google "mac write ntfs external drive" without the quotes you'll find several options. Some free, some not.

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                                                        adb1960 Newcomer

                                                        I know I still need it for the old PC. It crashed not long ago and we were able to recover but the backups are on the external. What are the disadvantages to installing the utility to write to the NTFS drive? Would it be like having and OS X formatted folder in it and moving the pictures into that folder?

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                                                          Barbara B. Mythic

                                                          No, basically, you're just letting the mac see it like it would a mac formatted drive and use it the same way. I think it may be slightly riskier than using a mac format (but you do have a backup of these photos elsewhere, right?). The most popular program has been something called macfuse, but it took them quite a while to get that to work with lion's 64 bit core, and I really don't know which one is best to use now. Macupdate has several to choose from.

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                                                            Barbara B. Mythic

                                                            Otherwise, you can format as fat32 or exfat (although if you're using XP I don't know if that understands exfat).

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                                                              adb1960 Newcomer

                                                              I think I will just put them on the computer hard drive and get an external dedicated to the mac. Wanted the Thunderbolt wire and LaCie external anyway.

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                                                                Barbara B. Mythic

                                                                Another good source for drives is OWC (macales.com). I have no affiliation with them, just find their products are good.

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                                                                  adb1960 Newcomer

                                                                  Barbara, thank u so much for the help this afternoon. Will let you know how it goes once all the pictures are moved. It is only at 5% right now so it will take awhile


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