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    Using single version DPS for college class



      I teach media design at a four-year university and we'd like to develop an iPad app for a special topics class using the single version DPS.


      We want to make sure this is workable BEFORE we spend the $400 for the app.


      I've created several test folios using CS5.5 with updated folio builder and overlay creator and can only view them sporadically on the Adobe Content Viewer on my iPad (4). None of the other students (older iPads) can view them at all.


      It will be necessary for at least three of us to be able to preview folios in content viewer.


      Will the single version DPS provide us with a way to preview on multiple iPads? We need to do a lot of proofing and reviewing BEFORE we publish this app.


      The students are REALLY excited about doing this but I need to make sure it will work before we spend the money.


      We just want to create ONE single publication but again we need to make sure we can preview every article to make sure the interactivity behaves the way we intended and to copyedit.


      I can't seem to get an answer for this by calling Adobe or chatting with a live rep.


      Thanks so much.