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    Adobe Technical Support Is Ridiculous


      If you have a problem with your creative cloud programs working, don't bother calling tech support as they cannot help you unless it is a very obvious issue that most novice computer users could figure out, if it goes beyond that, then they will up it to level 2, but you cannot talk to level 2, instead level 2 will call you back in 24-48 hours (unless a weekend falls in there). Also, don't really expect them to follow the 10-7 PST time for call support, as they don't actually support that either. I don't know about you, but I use the adobe products as part of my livelihood and being without for 24-96 hours, especially when paying for a subscription is not acceptable. Like any other large software company, they need to have support 24/7 with all levels of support available. Anyway, now I am stuck without the applictions working, having changed things I don't know on my computer, only making matters worse, and now stuck waiting to see if someone will call back and if I am available for the call, and if I am at my computer. Great support Adobe!