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    How to move a picture in a pdf?


      I want to move a picture in a pdf in 3 possible specific locations.


      I tried these:-

      1) created a picture, by creating a button and setting an image button on it, but then i did not find commands to move the button

      So if you could give me commands to move a button, that will be great.


      I tried something else.


      2) i put the button in all the locations but removed the icon from it, so it looks empty.

      at run time i apply the image name on one of the 3 buttons, thus it looked like the button moves from one of the three locations to the other.






      thus it looks like the iamge moved from location 1 or 3 to 2.


      i tried using this command to dynamically set the image of an icon which initially has no image, but it does not work


      IAFormApp formApp;

      IFields myFields = (IFields)formApp.Fields;

      IEnumerator myEnumerator = myFields.GetEnumerator();


      while (myEnumerator.MoveNext())


          myField = (IField)myEnumerator.Current;

          if (myField.Name=="btnPage4L")




      There is no documentation at all on the SetButtonIcon, not in the SDK and not on the internet.