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    Unexplained problem with PF_TRANSFER_RECT in Premiere

    walczakb Level 1

      This is cross-posted from After Effects SDK forum, since I could not get help there:



      I am trying to perform a simple operation using AE SDK for an effect in Premiere:


      Create a new world (mask), fill it with color and alpha, and then blend it with a selected composite mode to the footage.


      I have made it working in After Effects perfectly. It uses WorldTransformSuite1 transfer_rect, which is not supported by Premiere. However, its counterpart, PF_TRANSFER_RECT is supposedly supported.


      The results in Premiere, regardless of whether it's YUV or RGB, are really almost random depending on the color that I select. Sometimes I get a blue cast all over the picture regardless of alpha channel, sometimes I get the alpha channel transferred, even though I have the rgb_only flag set to true, sometimes seemingly nothing happens at all.


      The mask is drawn correctly. If I simply copy it to the output world, everything is fine. Clearly it is the PF_TRANSFER_RECT that is to blame for improper transfer.


      Can somebody help me? I tried to debug this thing, but I can't seem to find any sense in the behavior.


      The callout of PF_TRANSFER_RECT is pretty generic:

           ERR(PF_TRANSFER_RECT(                          in_data->quality,
                                &output->extent_hint,          // rectangle
                                &mask,                    // source world
                                &composite_mode,          // comp mode
                                &mask_world,               // mask world
                                0,                         // dest_x
                                0,                         // dest_y
                                &temp) );                    //dst world


      temp is already populated with &params[PLUGIN_LAYER]->u.ld

      mask_world is defined as the mask world for mask and PF_MaskFlag_NONE flag.


      I have been fighting with it for past week, and I am totally frustrated.