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    Application rejection

    GV001 Level 1

      I have submitted the first issue as a Single Application, before moving to the professional edition. That app has been rejected, I appealed, and this is the transcript of the discussion with the Apple Representative. I'm a journalist, so this has really happened :



      We want to inform you that the application has been rejected because of the user interface.



      This is not an application, but a legally registered French newspaper, so the only "user experience "is to turn the pages and watch the videos.



      Sorry sir, but it is not a good enough user experience.



      But I'm not using a programming tool but a publishing one, and as such limited.



      So you should switch to the Apple Development Kit which provides all functionalities



      In summary you are rejecting my app because I'm using the Adobe DPS tools and not the Apple dev kit ?



      At this point in our conversation, I have to refer you to our management which will contact you directly.



      I look forward to it, and I also would like the official position of Apple on the 1st amendment to to US constitution, and the french law of 1881 "freedom of the press".



      Goodbye sir


      I wonder if anybody else had the same experience ?


      Best regards

      Gilbert Vidal

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you don’t have enough interactivity, the app will be rejected. This appears to be the case here.




          Simply turning the pages and watching videos was the worst thing you could have said since it pretty much confirmed why they rejected it.




          Those are the rules and “freedom of the press” is a government rule, not Apple’s.





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            GV001 Level 1

            There was interactivity in navigation, the newspaper has different content when you switch from portrait to landscape, buttons, animations, etc.


            I basically used almost all tools available in InDesign, but at the end a magazine is a magazine, not a game...


            There are newspapers in the appstore which are basically PDF, others like Drudge report which are just a collection of links without ANY interactivity...


            And I beg to differ : freedom of press is a universal value, not a government one.

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              Kurrykid Level 3

              I am a little puzzled by the response as well because it seems that something that is being published, would primarily be a page turner type document. Apple's response concerns me because to me, that's what it seems most publications would be. Of course, there is some additional functionality you can put in there through DPS but is this required for a publication?


              I'm not going to get into the whole freedom of the press thing.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                The original description of the app was as a very simple text only app.




                Apple has been rejecting them for a long time and referring the users to iBooks instead.




                The freedom of the press thing is a joke. Apple is private enterprise, and while I don’t agree with most of what they do, they’re certainly entitled to do it.





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                  GV001 Level 1

                  It's certainly not a text only application ! 20 videos, and different types of content for portrait and landscape mode plus short cuts for navigation.


                  But at the end of the day, you want people to read the articles, watch the pictures and run the videos. If you want to create a game, you create a game.


                  I will stop the freedom of the press stuff, but legally they are on a very thin ice, more specifically in Europe.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    You can appeal the decision. FWIW, I had a client’s app rejected for this and we did go through an appeal process.




                    The clients found a number of very similar apps on the app store and we sent that list to Apple. They reversed the decision.




                    Whether it’s worth it or not, I can’t tell you.





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                      Log Home Level 1

                      What a hassle!

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                        Johannes Eckert Level 4

                        yes, apple is rejecting apps because of bad design, or what they / the

                        reviewer defines as "bad design".

                        pointing out to similar apps has helped before.


                        bringing the freedom of press onto the table is a bold move. but it

                        conflicts with apple offering a "service", and you cannot force them to

                        print/distribute/sell/store etc.your press content.


                        but I am no expert and indeed its thin ice.




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