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    Site Folder Set Up?


                We have our site folder with the different pages within the site as subfolders, and the sub folders have all the different data( i.e.images, css, spryassetes, ect.....) So I guess my question is should we put all of that information in a  more simplified location, such as having one folder that has all the different images in it that are obviously labeld accordingly for the purpose of the image, and so on for like the .css folder, should we do the same there also?


      What do y'all think?


      Thanks in advance for all y'alls help, I really appreciate it...


      Also let me know if y'all need anything else from me to help explain it...

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          I for my part, I prefer to arrange my directories with subdirectories logical organized according to my themes. So it's always easy to keep track. And - among other things - it's also very handy if you have to hold up your images in several sizes.


          And: think about high times of stress sometimes there is a danger to become a little bit scatterbrained!



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            martcol Level 4

            My take on this is to suggest that it's whatever works for you.  It may depend on how complicated your site is and how many pages/files you have but ultimately, it will be whatever fits with your workflow and how you organise things yourself.  Take a look at a few of the pages in this Google search for some ideas.


            For me, I usually put images in a folder, scripts in another (and I put my CSS in there too) and pages in another if there are enough of them.



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              jcoyle1983 Level 1

              Ok, well I am a newby at this, I got my Associates in Web Design through University of Phoenix Online School, so naturally I didn't learn as much as I hoped to cause I didn't have any instructors that I could go to, but this is far from a basic site anyway. It is going to be very high maintenance for lack of a better word. My wife and I are doing it and we honestly have learned most of the stuff we know now from googling stuff and from the Adobe's website adn TV. But still it really does get overwhelming at times. So basically from what you both are saying, is that depending on the extent of our site, we should try to keep it simple but also very descriptive. I was thinking about the different layouts for the files like the Hub & Spoke or the Strict Hierarchy due to the fact of what are site is going to doing.

              So not to keep buggin y'all but what do y'all think about those whether they would be good or any better ones? Or if I should simply leave it the way it is... Again I am pretty much learning as I go here, so I will take all the help I can get.


              I again really appreciate y'alls feedback...

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                hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi "jcoyle",


                to become a little bit more precisely I'll show you MY diagram of principle (merely a suggestion):



                On the other hand, you could send us a link to your website in question, where we could let our creativity run riot all together. (Naturally no offense!)



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                  martcol Level 4

                  What is it that your site is going to be doing that will make it high mainenance?


                  Dreamweaver is good at organising your site and helpful with site management so, make sure you define your site first.  I think that the whole site management thing in DW is one of its strongest features and it will help you keep on top of your links and file structure.



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                    jcoyle1983 Level 1

                    Well to describe what are site is going to do, well it is going to be somewhat similar to Facebook, although it is not going to be social networking. I am not allowed to let out to much info as of now, as of the owner of the company doesn't want to much info out yet, probably cause of the copyright or lack there of. I am not sure but I am just following orders, but here is an example of our site structure(keeping in mind that it may be very basic from my inexperience). But here you go:



                    The one on the right is atcually the mysite folder, and the otherone is what is in each of the other folders. So I am some what organized but just wasn't sure if I was going about it the right way. I have not built a site like this before. See what you see above is really only a small part of the site, after the registration page is where we have quite a bit more work to do, and that is to create more pages after the customers register. And that is honestly another one of my issues, because on the registration page at the bottom where I have the Submit button, unless I am blind I cannot figure out how to link that submit button to forward the customer to the next page. I am doing the majority of this site in the design view, however I do know how to code as well, for the most part. Any suggestions???


                    Thank y'all so much for helping me out, y'all ROCK.....                            

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                      Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Your picture didn't come through.  Use the Camera Icon in the web forum to insert an image into your post.


                      I like to keep my site structure fairly basic.


                      Site - MySite (C:\mySite\)


















                      If you use PHP & MySql to populate pages with content, you don't need much more than this because your pages are generated by the server.




                      Nancy O.

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                        jcoyle1983 Level 1





                        Sorry about the first post I guess I didn't upload the images the first time correctly, but that is how I have it now. And @Nancy O, we haven't hooked up anything through PHP or My SQL yet. That was one of the issues that I was discussing in the previous post about the navigation not working in the web browsers. I went to the site that you sent to me at

                        http://help.adobe.com/en_us/dreamweaver/cs/using/W5753dfbaf7l, and I must not be that smart or something cause I followed the steps on that site and I still couldn't figure it out. So I am going to call them and figure it out that way, cause I figured out everything on my part, I just couldn't figure out what information to put on the other part of the form. So that is still being figured out. But we have been still working on all the pages and trying to complete them cause I thought that may be kind of like step one. Then hooking up to the server I thought would be the next step. Like I said earlier in this thread, I have my associates degree in web design, but I got it on University of Phoenix- Online school and I really didn't learn as much as I hoped I would due to the fact that I didn't have an instructor per say that I could go get help from. But anyways enough about that, I appreciate all y'alls help...

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                          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Hello "J Coyle"(?),


                          thanks for your screenshots. At the first glance I miss this important file "index.html" or "index.php" (stored in your main directory) from which your website starts or better said all the browsers search your website. In MY case this directory is called"htdocs". So far - to a better understanding - I have to show you again my structure tree as a submenu of htdocs:



                          My I again ask for a link to your website in question?





                          @Nancy: Don't know why, but can't open Adobe's link from above. Would you please send a screenshot?