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    Optimizing FMLE for Mac ?


      We use FMLE 3.2 for our webcast on multiple Youtube Pro Channels.


      Our I/O devices are Blackmagic Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt for the Macs ( Mac Book Pro 17 inch 2011 iCore 7 )

      and Black Magic Ultra Studio SDI via USB3 for the PCs (Sony iCore 5 2011 )


      When trying to stream in higher resolutions or higer bitrates (over 350k) with the Mac , it seems the software request nearly all the CPU from the Mac creating a delay in the preview and some jitter

      for the user ( loss of frames ).


      We can only uses a max of 350k bitrates with the Mac without fluidity issues while we can use the full range of resolutions and bit rates with the PCs even though the

      PC are less powerfull than the Macs we use.


      Is there a way the optimize the use of the CPU with the Macs? is there a way the use the GPU?


      After some test with the new Wirecast for Youtube we realize we don't have those problems as it allows to use the GPU to help the CPU to encode.

      We much prefer to use FMLE as it has more bitrate, encoding and resolution option but unfortunately it limits our more powerfull computers to lower bitrates.


      What is causing those problems and why is FMLE more ressources hungry with a Mac than with a PC?


      Thank you


      Renaud DEGUENT

      Webcast Operational Manager

      Liquid Stream

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          We are considering the new Macbook Pros for use with FMLE and this post definitely has me second guessing our decision.  It seems like such a fundemental issue you report that I am really surprised you haven't received a response to it.  Unless of course this is exactly the kind of retribution that Adobe is aiming for: to dissuade potential Mac customers for fear of incompatibility with FMLE. I have heard other stories of issues with FMLE and the Mac Mountain Lion OS. 


          An effective ploy by Adobe...


          Patrick Holloway

          Executive Producer


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            oooproductions Level 1

            Hello Patrick,


            I agree that Adobe is not as Mac friendly as it has been and I guess they prioritize the larger PC market.

            At this right moment, if we had to invest again, we would buy PCs to encode with FMLE.

            Even though we have more OS and hardware issues with the PCs.



            Renaud DEGUENT

            Webcast Operational Manager

            Liquid Stream

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              I don't seem to get preview when using FMLE 3.2 and mountainlion with the BM Ultrastudio 3D units.

              Stills works ok on our Lion machine and FMLE 3.2.


              Both our MBP 15" run the battery down even when plugged in when encoding in Wirecast and FMLE, are either of you experiencing this?

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                oooproductions Level 1

                Were are still on 10.6.8 to avoid any new issues, so I can't help for the preview.


                In our experience the batteries don't charge when encoding in 110V countries. In 220V countries , no problem.

                We solved it by starting the encoding with full batteries and plugged in then the batteries stays full.


                Renaud DEGUENT

                Webcast Operational Manager

                Liquid Stream