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    Map Module

    Vienna_Sydney Level 1

      have been using the map module for some time now and have been very satisfied with the results - up until now. Created a GPS track, using Viking. This I then exported and tried on Google maps to see if it would work, which did. I then loaded the GPS track in LR4.1 and was very disappointed with the result. Although it showed the correct location, the track points were all linked up in a criss-cross selection (the track was circular, spanning a few km).


      I then tried exporting directly from Google, converting the KML file into GPX, with the same result as before.


      Any ideas?

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          dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

          Can you post a screen shot?


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            Vienna_Sydney Level 1

            below are the screen shots. The first as created in Viking, then Google and last LR4.1

            Trial Viking.PNG

            Trial Google.PNG

            Trial LR4.PNG

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              dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

              I suggest you upload the track log so we can take look.


              Btw, what is Viking?


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                Vienna_Sydney Level 1

                Viking is a GPS Data and Topo Analyzer, Explorer and Manager. I use it to create tracks from places where I've been, where no roads are marked in Google. Amongst others, it uses OpenStreetMap (Cycle in my case). I want to GPS tag older photos, where I know the tracks, but as I said, not shown on the map.


                I could of course use other software to tag photos individually, but I wanted to use LR's feature to make things easier.


                Here is the track log


                Trial 2.PNG

                It wouldn't accept the gpx file, even though I changed the extension to txt and png

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                  b_gossweiler Level 5

                  Try uploading the GPX file to somewhere in the web (i.e. www.yousendit.com, dropbox, ...) and post a link to it here, so we can download it.



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                    Vienna_Sydney Level 1

                    Unless absolutely necessary, I don't really want to open another account somewhere. Last year I was able to send through Rapidshare, but now I would have to create an account.


                    Anyway, the above gpx was actually converted from Google. The attached one is from Viking. Slightly different result, but basically the same.


                    Seefeld 2`.PNG

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                      dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

                      The trackpoints have no <TIME> elements. How is Lightroom supposed to geotag the photos?

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                        Vienna_Sydney Level 1

                        I was actually going to manually add the photos to the track, but I suppose LR is not able to do so. I have to use other software that is able to do so. I have tried GeoSetter, which can do what I want. My aim was to use just one program.


                        At the noment I use Adobe Bridge, CS5 and LR4, plus a few other programs. The workflow is getting too complicated, it is easy to make mistakes somewhere along the line and also time consuming

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                          dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

                          Just to clarify: Do you draw that track manually in Viking? If so, what's the point of the tracklog? You can just drop the photos onto your map.

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                            Vienna_Sydney Level 1

                            please refer to post No. 4

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                              Cornelia-I Level 4

                              Hi Vienna_Sydney,

                              I do not understand your post no.4 either.


                              LR map module expects a track file in GPX format including time stamps. Then it will auto-assign the GPS data based on time stamp of the track points and your camera exif time stamp.

                              That is all.

                              If there are no time stamps in your tracklog, you do not need it at all, there is no use of it inside LR.


                              If you know where a picture was taken, so you can pinpoint that location on any sort of map (Google etc.) you can do so directly within the LR map module: just bring the relevant map part into view, select the matching images from filmstrip underneath, drag and drop them on this map location.

                              So they will inherit the GPS data from this map location.



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                                Vienna_Sydney Level 1

                                having already tagged about 5000 photos in LR, I am aware of it's main purpose. However, I have several hundred photos from mountaineering, where the roads or tracks are not shown on Google maps. They are also not visible from satellite view. They are shown on OpenStreet Cycle map. Since LR will only show Google maps, I can't find the correct positions.


                                So I thought of creating the tracks externally and assigning the GPS tags in LR. The reason I thought that this might be possible, is that the created tracks show correctly in Google Maps.


                                Anyway, thank you all for trying to help.

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                                  dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

                                  Ok, now I see. You want to use OSM data where Lightroom only offers Google



                                  It's strange indeed that Lightroom criss-crosses the track like that, even

                                  if it misses the timestamps.

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                                    Vienna_Sydney Level 1

                                    yes, it is strange. I've also modified some tracks in Google on the weekend, as the track weaves in and out. It was quite easy to correct them, then saved the result. The first modification showed correctly in LR, but a subsequent modification produced the criss-crosses again. Pretty bad this time, as this was a 7 km track. On checking, the second modification had the time stamps removed, but the photos taken along this track still show the correct time. Every other program I have shows it correctly.


                                    Unfortunately, I can't show this one...