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    Photoshop CS6 .psd files help


      Hi, I am new on here so please excuse if this is posted in the wrong area, I have no idea where to post this.


      I Have Photoshop CS6 Extended (on Windows 7 - 64bit).


      But it does not open my .psd files, only if I run Photoshop CS6 and go File > Open > "and then open the file", it will open, but If I go to the file it self it does not recognize CS6 as the default program or to open it. It tells me it cannot find a program to open the .psd file with. I have tried several times to set the Default Program but it is not even there and if I click on "browse" to find Photoshop and click "open" it does not open or show Photoshop in the Default Programs.


      Now I accidently clicked on coreldraw and I don't want my .psd files opening with coreldraw! because I hardly use coreldraw, I only needed it for my studies...


      When I had CS5 it worked and opened fine, with CS6 the .psd files just don't find Photoshop.


      Can anyone help me please, how can I fix this so that my .psd files get recognized?

      Please it is quite frustrating.