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    How to create the exposure circle in the middle?


      Hey guys...

      I wanna know how to create that exposure in the middle of this pic... It adds focus to the pic... Like the circular light in the middle...

      Sorry, I'm very new :/






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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It's called a vignette, and my favourite way of doing it is with Camera RAW (ACR).  You can open a JPG in by selecting it in Bridge, and either right clicking and choosing Camera RAW, or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl r (Cmd r for Mac).  The vignette under the fx tab.


          But you can do it in Photoshop of course, and by several methods. 


          • Open a Curves adjustment layer, and drag the center of the curve down which will darken the entire image.
          • Select the elliptical marquee tool, and making sure the mask is active in your Curves adjustment layer (it will have a double border) make a round selection in the middle of your image. It needs to be about ¾ the size of the image.
          • Fill the round selection with black.
          • Now invert the mask by using Ctrl I (Cmd I for Mac)
          • All that’s left to do now is blur the mask.  So go Filter > Blur > Gausian blur

          The nice thing about using this method is that you can see exactly how much affect the blurring is having. but you'll need pretty high values with Gausian blur.  You will probably find you need to darken the edges more, so just drag the curve down some more.


          OK, you can do that, but you could also have used the Masks panel to blur the mask by using the Feather slider.  This would also give you the chance to make the selection bigger or smaller.   You’ll find there are lots more ways to do the same thing as you get into the program, but I find it is hard to beat using ACR.