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    SpryMenuBar issue in IE9

    Peter Madudak

      Dear all,


      First of all, I would like to state, that I am a beginner (started building my first website, for my own company, a few weeks ago only), and I tried to avoid asking any questions until I got at least a bit of a hang of it.


      The website I am building is located here: http://test.madu-kapu.com

      It only consits of the homepage so far, and in the Live View of Dreamweaver it looks perfect. In the simple deisgn view it is also displayed correct. I understand of course, that this is not equal to the browsers though.


      I have three main issues now, but I will open separate discussions for them as recommended.


      Here I would like to discuss the issue with the SpryMenuBar Horizontal.

      I would like it to have no background, and the menu buttons should be a bit away from eachother. (margin-left:5px; )

      The font color is white, while hover is grey. In the live preview it works fine, in GoogleChrome also, but in IE9, the whole menu bar becomes a big white stripe.

      Is this a known issue, or are my settings wrong? (for example in the CSS for the menu bar)


      As this is my first post, I don't know what exactly I should provide, probably the CSS code, though it is quite long.


      If it is required, I will of course copy it to here.


      I am using Dreamweaver CS5.5 trial version (my pre-order for CS6 is scheduled for today, if there are no delays).


      Any ideas, advices or hints are welcome. I tried to find a solution for this online, but couldn't find any hints on what might be the cause of this.



      Peter Madudak