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    iPad App Approved, How to Build/Submit iPhone Version?

    Mōtum Level 1

      I've got an iPad app approved and working well through iTunes, but now that the feature is available, I want to publish this for iPhone. I've got a few questions about the best process:


      FYI—I've already got my new folios created for iPhone resolutions (as renditions with the same Product ID).


      1. Is it best that I build an iPhone and iPad version of the app and submit it to Apple as a Version update (can I even do this with Apple)? Or should I build just an iPhone version and submit that as a separate app?

      2. Why do I not get the iTunes Subscription option when I try to build the app in Viewer Builder (I chose to make an app for both iPhone and iPad). Multi-Issue is selected and grayed out so I can't change it.