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    PDF viewed on iPad external links didn't work

    Jane Barber

      I have a pdf made from InDesign CS5.5 with internal navigation links, and links to external websites.


      I looked at it on a new iPad G4 iOS 5.1


      I opened it on Safari (would not download the pdf but would view)


      The internal links worked, the two flash pages of course, did not.


      But what was weird, the links to external URLs did not work, they would not move out of the server where I had put the file, so when I clicked the links, the url showing on the screen was:




      Can I fix this somehow in the PDF, or InDesign? or is it an iPad or Safari issue?


      Any ideas on how to fix?


      The links, by the way, work in the Kindle App I have on my HD.

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          MichaelKazlow ACP/MVPs

          If you are not using Adobe Reader on the iPad, you are not using Adobe technology to view the file. Even on the Mac, Safari isn't capable of handling all that Adobe puts into their pdfs.

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            Jane Barber Community Member

            Thanks Michael.


            In this case, downloading the pdf and getting it onto an iPad is one step I would hope to avoid for the people who are looking at this for several reasons.


            It seems to me, connecting to outside links is not high tech and there must be a fix I am missing.


            It seems that Safari on the iPad should do it, that perhaps I need to set something, somewhere.


            Again, it works on Kindle browser and Safari on my laptop (and all the other browsers I use)


            If the fix is not in the set up in Adobe, perhaps the answer is in an Apple Forum re iPad iOS Safari.


            Again thanks for your help.