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    Problem with Hand move tool in CS2 ...




      I hope one of you here knows what to do about this as it's less conducive to my normal work-flow...


      I have a Photoshop CS2 which I used to use on Windows XP and here it worked as supposed to. When I hit the spacebar the "hand move tool" appeared and I could move the images I was working with by left clicking my mouse and then move the image.


      Now I've re-installed Photoshop on a new computer with Windows 7 (SP1) and now the "hand move tool" doesn't work anymore. The cursor shifts from the current cursor symbol to a hand but I can't move anything with it.


      Given that it's worked before on Win XP I guess it's a compatibility issue of some kind - one of you knows what can be done?


      Thanks for reading & maybe replying ;-)