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    HTTP Origin Module


      I had Configured my HTTP Origin Module as per the link  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/HTTPStreaming/1.0/Using/WS7b362c044b7dd076-735e76121260080a90e -8000.html#WS8af793f9af34bea079185b712874092c43-8000 .


      But still I am not able to play f4m file from fleash media playback http://www.osmf.org/configurator/fmp/#


      I had replaced the three  files as mentioned in above first link an Apache \modules folder

      (Windows) mod_f4fhttp.so, hds.dll (adbe_F4V.dll in earlier versions), libexpat.dll.


      After replacing I am not able start Apache server and even not able to play f4m video.


      Please Guide me on this for Same that how can I resolve this issue.