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    Problem with an embedded script in panel with Photoshop CS6

    Sebastien Piconnier Level 1



      I have rebuild one of my panel for CS6 to publish it in Agora but I have a big problem.

      I have "export(ed) my panel as a CS extension"., have installed the ZXP file but i can't find the panel in the subfolder../Plugins/Panels.

      The problem is that I have embedded a script in my panel to open files located into the "configuratorpanel.assets". It can't work because the files are not on the same place as a normal export.


      Here is sample of my code to understand  :



      //Localized Path to the plug-ins folder


      var strPlugInsFolderDirectory = localize( "$$$/LocalizedFilenames.xml/SourceDirectoryName/id/Extras/[LOCALE]/[LOCALE]_Plug-ins/valu e=Plug-ins" );




      // Open the Edges Collections directory



      var strEdgeFXFolder = Folder(app.path.toString() + "/" + strPlugInsFolderDirectory + "/Panels/edgeFX/Content/edgeFX.assets/Edges%20Collections/");



      var edgeFXFile = strEdgeFXFolder .openDlg("Choose the egde you want to apply","JPEG/PNG:*JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE;*.PNG");

      open (edgeFXFile)"


      Many thanks for your help.