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    Free Transform

    73/92 Community Member

      Complete newbie to Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.


      When using  'Free Transform' how do you stop a blue background/outline appearing?

      I've tried repositioning revised image but cannot avoid getting some blue showing.

      All and any help appreciated.Free Transform.jpg

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          Elements User Community Member

          Before Free Transform create another layer via copy. This can be done through right click menu of your background Layer. Are you trying to making this flower small by transforming? In that case above suggested method will not be very helpful.


          Please experiment and feel free to ask specific queries here. There are lot of experts on this forum.


          + http://bit.ly/plFUdD

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            photodrawken Community Member

            When you are working on an image with only one layer, reducing the size of an area will leave a hole that is filled in with your currently defined background colour.



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              73/92 Community Member

              Thanks very much Elements User


              I thought that was the way but there are so many choices of Layer I wasn't sure which one to use.


              Also confused at the difference between 'Layer by Copy' and 'Duplicate Layer' - aren't they the same thing????


              Also didn't get the option or understand instruction given in Help, which I don't think are very clear :-

              Note: If you select a photo that is a Background layer (such as a photo imported from a camera or scanner), you are given the option of turning it into a regular layer so that you can transform it.


              I now assume the option mentioned is done by choosing from Layer menu.


              Was trying to make flower larger (altho still got outline) & I have now succeeded following your instructions.


              Thanks again.



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                73/92 Community Member

                Thanks very much photodrawken


                Your information along with Element User's has now clarified things.


                But I will have to experiment a lot more before I, hopefully, understand the differing kinds of layers,


                Thanks again.